Zach George and Leading Sundial Growers

Zach George is the CEO of Sundial Growers. He has had the pleasure of sitting on the board of the Sundial Growers before stepping into a more prominent and stronger leadership role.

This past year has been a very difficult one for him as he has had to move his company through the pandemic. Indeed, the pandemic is still going on but customers have been bouncing back and bringing their demand to the forefront.

Sundial Growers had to ensure that the company survived the pandemic and had to also move the company forward to a better strategic point. George had the responsibility of keeping his employees safe while also implementing processes to increase overall protection for consumers as well. At the same time, he and his leadership team had to do so in a way that minimized issues to the operation.

He notes that due to quick thinking and fast action by his team, Sundial has been able to stave off significant issues that faced other firms.

George Leads Sundial To The Future

George is pleased that Sundial has had the ability to survive for over two years. The first point on George’s agenda for Sundial was to minimize the use of leverage or debt within the firm. The next aspect was to ensure that the firm did not waste as much money on expenditures of all kinds. Finally, he had to ensure that he would steer the company back to its core focus in an industry that moves fast.

The beauty of this firm is that it is one of the more underrated firms in the emerging legalized marijuana industry. He notes that Canadian marijuana market continues to grow and evolve quickly and that firms like his must ensure to keep up with it or stay ahead of it.

That is why he is focusing on what matters to consumers. To him, consumers focus on the overall potency of their consumption. But what people or producers realized was that competitors drove down prices while offering lower quality products.

The company had to figure out where it made a difference or continue to stay with the cutthroat discounting world. The future for Sundial is less products, focus on quality, and growth in concentrated areas.

Sundial Was Able to Restructure Under George’s Leadership

The main reason why Sundial is compelling is because it is now in a restructured state. It has no debt, it has gone ahead and improved overall operational policies, and is now moving forward with a better cost approach.

An investor can see that George is moving forward quickly and changing the way that this company acts to ensure it stays healthy.

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