Yusaku Maezawa Opens Space Travel to a Larger Pool

MZ is also known as Yusaku Maezawa, and he is one of the ultra-rich customers of SpaceX. MZ is set to be one of the first regular passengers in Elon Musk’s mission to the moon. He earned his wealth in the fashion industry, and he spent a chunk of it on buying all of the seats for the first civilian journey to the moon. MZ snatched up these tickets in 2018, but since that date, he has changed some of his requirements for being one of his guests.

Two years after this major purchase, MZ announced that he would take part in a reality show that helped him find love. Whoever captured his heart would also sit by his side in the SpaceX mission. After some soul searching, MZ abandoned this project and canceled the production.

When plans were first announced, MZ was taking applications from artists only. He recently put together a video that said he was changing his stance on this subject too. From his viewpoint, everyone has the potential to be creative and can be theoretically labeled as an artist. MZ’s message seems to be trending with the times. Today, no one should be excluded, and he seems to want to make sure he has a robust pool of applicants to choose from.

Now, anyone can sign up for a chance to take a ride of a lifetime. The process is quite simple. His team has created a dedicated moon website. Click on the pre-registration tab to throw your name in the hat. On that page, you input your name, and you can note which country you belong to. Identifying your nationality is optional, but it is there for individuals who want it printed on their pre-registration. In order to contact you, you will need to share your email.

Elon Musk has told the media that this flight is still on schedule. There have been some rumblings in the news outlets because some of his rockets are still failing. The departure is not for two more years, and in Musk’s timeframe, that is a lot. We have witnessed him put together a space program in America that was incredibly accurate and swift when compared to other federal programs.

There is hope for everyone who did not think they would ever take this journey because of MZ. His willingness to open up the flight to a broad range of people from all over the world is making a statement about his growth and position in life.

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