Why it is Not Necessary to Keep the Elderly Lonely after Vaccination

The current trends in COVID-19 restrictions will come to bite hard in the next few months if the necessary strategies are not incorporated to change the current trends. It is now obvious that millions of people have been subjected to indoor facilities for very many months, and it appears as though most of them are approaching their breaking point. However, very little is currently being done to reverse the current problem and look for a solution that will reverse the current issues.

Financial Wellbeing and Sustainability

The most common aspect that everyone is touching after hearing anything about the issue of lockdown is that there is a huge number of families that are currently suffering from varying financial problems. A huge number of individuals working in various organizations do not know the strategy they will be incorporating so that they can recover where necessary. It is now clear that much has to be done with respect to loosening the current restrictions so that people can have an opportunity to work and feed their families.

However, the issue of financial wellbeing seems to be addressed by the government through the current relief package. Millions of people across the country will be getting $1,400 in the next few weeks so that they can be able to sustain their families and pay the house rents. The question is whether this is something that will be able to sustain such families in the near future. Giving families some relief packages is not the best method of promoting sustainability.

Mental Health Issues

Despite most of the experts reporting the financial wellbeing is one of the most important factors that need to be addressed in the next few weeks, it is important to indicate that this is not the case. As it stands, a huge number of people are already suffering from mental health problems, and they do not seem to be getting the necessary attention. There is a feeling that such individuals will soon start recording severe symptoms.

However, the most worrying part of it is that there is a huge number of elderly individuals who are currently suffering from isolation and loneliness. These individuals have already been vaccinated, and they are not being allowed to see their families. This is something that should be solved immediately if the mental wellbeing of such elderly families is seen as an important aspect that needs to be addressed before they can reach their breaking point.

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