Why Harry and Meghan are Currently Trending in the Entertainment Platforms

Meghan and Harry seem to be the new celebrities in town who will constantly have a go at the royal house in the United Kingdom. The couple moved away some two years ago but continues to remain in the news, especially in social and entertainment circles. This is a territory that Meghan understands because she has been in this industry for many years, and there is no doubt that she will help Harry to maneuver and gain important attention, especially if it is needed.

However, their appearance on CBS interview with one of the leading world celebrities and television star, Oprah Winfrey, will obviously be an issue of concern in the monarch, and there will be major implications. However, it is necessary to highlight some of the major issues that the two raised and wait for a major outbreak, which is expected to happen in the next few days, with a scripted act of defending everything that the couple faced.

Racism in the Royal Family

The issue of racism was obviously going to be one of the major issues that Meghan was going to highlight because she suffered the problem. Before even joining the royal family, there were huge reservations about her race, which created a perception that she was on for a surprise when she joined the family. Everything she has faced, including constant ridicule, had everything to do with her race, which is something that almost spilled over to her unborn son.

Media Bullying

Media bullying is another major issue that Meghan highlighted, and it is essential to indicate that this was even seen by most of the people who were highly focused on British tabloids. This is something that will remain if there will be no deliberate actions that will be forced by the loyal family to most of the media houses to avoid most of the negative reports they have been highlighting. Meghan indicates that the members of the loyal house should have protected her and cautioned most of the tabloids against writing negative information.

Mental Health Suffering

Besides the major issues and even the denial of finances that Meghan was facing, it is important to indicate that her mental health problem was not addressed by those who were involved. She had tried to contact everyone in the lace, including the human resource department, with the hope that she would easily get the necessary mental support, all of which was denied despite her status.

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