Why Everyone is Fighting for a Vaccine Shot in the Country

Should any person fight to get the necessary vaccine in the United States? This is the question that a significant number of people are asking as they struggle to get the needed shot so that they can continue to live a better life. However, everything out there in the country shows that something is wrong with regard to how the vaccines are being administered and the criteria that are currently being used in some of the states around the country.

Vaccinating the Elderly

At the launch of the vaccination process, the main aim was to make sure that all the elderly in the country have been vaccinated. This is a process that went on for the first two weeks, after which everything changed. This means that everyone is currently getting the vaccine in most of the states across the nation, even those who have not reached the minimum age. This is raising some major questions about the enforcement of the vaccination rules and regulations.

If everything is professionally being handled, most of the elderly in the society should have received the shot before anyone else in the country is allowed near such vaccines. These are the vulnerable people, and they should be given the necessary priority failure to which everything will be a futile exercise. It is the only way the number of infections and deaths will be controlled across the country and through which many families will start living together just like before the pandemic.

Vaccinating those with Pre-existing Conditions

What makes everything worse is that there has never been a mention of those with pre-existing conditions when it comes to the vaccination process. They have been left to fight it out with even the healthier population, which means that they are no longer a priority. This is very unfortunate given that the government has always been in the limelight, highlighting some essential aspects that it has incorporated in its operations with respect to protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

Different Rules in the Different States

Everything has been made worse by the fact that there are different vaccination rules in different states around the country. Being a federal exercise, everything should be following the national guidelines, and all the states should be forced to make sure that they are following the federal guidelines on vaccination and who to be vaccinated. This is the only way everything will be professionally handled and through which every person would feel that the process is fair.

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