Why Basecamp Has Restricted Political Discussions in Its Premises

The current political climate seems to have had some major impacts on the way various organizations have been operating in the industry. It is worth indicating that politics affects the wider society and has some major impacts on the way the larger society behaves. Even business organizations are largely affected by the trends in the political climate in a country, which means that politics cannot be ignored in the operations of various organizations. However, with regards to the current trends, it is clear that companies are already coming up with some new policies.

A huge number of organizations have already announced that they will not be entertaining political debates in their daily operations. Basecamp is one of the recent tech companies to announce that it will not be entertaining political discussions on its premises because they have been deviating the employees from discussing issues that are directly related to the progress of the organization. Basecamp is also restricting other advocacy and religious issues in the organization.

Is Basecamp Right in Introducing New Political Policies?

This is a question that most people have been asking as they try to evaluate why the chief executive officer of the organization could have introduced such a policy in a much-diversified organization in the market. Distraction is one of the most reasonable answers that the Basecamp leader has provided with the argument that most of the employees have been spending much time discussing political issues instead of discussing the needs of the company.

However, most of the experts indicate that there are other major issues that Basecamp could have been preventing by restricting political discussions in the company. It is obvious that the political climate in the country is not very friendly. People have taken sides, and there is a high chance that everything can turn volatile. By restricting political discussions in the company, the chief executive officer of Basecamp wants to avoid a scenario where employees can become enemies instead of teams.

What are the Disadvantages of Restricting Political Discussions?

It is obvious that there are very many health benefits that the company will be getting by restricting political discussions in the company. However, there are very many disadvantages that the organization will be facing in the next few years. Most of the potential and existing employees will have a feeling that the company does not support freedom of speech. This can already be seen from the large number of employees resigning from Basecamp.

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