What You Should Know About Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson’s real name is Dwayne Kenneth Johnson. The little-known fact is, he was a world champion wrestler. The birth of his daughter inspired him to quit wrestling and pursue his acting career. The story goes that Dwayne Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian, got pregnant, and he was heavily in need of a job. He took a full-time job in 2001 working in a jewelry store. The Rock Dwayne Johnson’s first real breakthrough was The Scorpion King, in which he played the role of Adonis Creed. The movie earned him a $10 million paycheck. He went on to play Hercules, and according to IMDb, he made $30 million for that role alone.

Great Actor

Dwayne Johnson is a global phenomenon that you should know about. The name of this star is synonymous with top-ranking movies and TV shows across the globe. You should be clear about this; The Rock is a great actor who is currently on his fourth installment of the hit movie “Jumanji” series which means that he is ready to change the landscape of future films. The “Rock” Dwayne Johnson has contributed to popular action and adventure movies in 2017, such as “Baywatch” and “Rampage.” So, what is next for him? It looks like he is running out of ideas, so he is switching to the TV drama department.

The list of actors like Johnson does not come often, and they are exceptionally famous, famous enough for any commoner to dream of becoming like them, so it is not fair to compare. Dwayne Johnson has written a book called, The Rock Says. He started to write it when he was 15 years old. He got the book published when he was 29, and it became a best-seller. This superstar also knows the best car on Earth. It is the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG 6.0. and a crazy, high-priced car that politicians mainly use. It is a luxurious car that can comfortably seat eight people. It costs around $300,000. The American manufactured car looks like a tank on wheels.

Highest-Grossing Actor

Dwayne Johnson isn’t interested in revealing his personal life, but everyone knows that he has two kids. The Rock is also a good example because he is the highest-grossing actor globally, having the top seven box-office films of 2016. He also claimed that he is a workaholic, which is also quite natural. As an athlete, Dwayne Johnson started to perform in wrestling at the age of 12. He became WWE Champion in 2004, losing to Kurt Angle. The Rock was known for improvising with his stunt dance, moves, and teamwork with his teammates. In this profession, he performed so many daredevil stunts, of which he even split his wrist. He served as a bodyguard in Hollywood too. After a decade, The Rock switched to acting as a hero in film and TV movies while directing one. He also appeared in the wrestling film, Moana as the voice of the demigod Maui.

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