Vice-President-Elect President Kamala Harris Dated Montell Williams in 2001

When a photo of Vice-President elect Kamala Harris and Montell Williams appeared on Twitter last week, the world went mad. A lot of people were shocked and others were not sure if the photo suggested a previous relationship or merely friends getting together. We all love a little juicy gossip, especially when a famous name is involved. But when that famous name happens to be the woman who recently made history, hearing the story is so much more exciting. And so, here we are, clearing up any confusion that people might have after seeing the photo of the two on social media.

And so, we see a photo of Vice-President elect Harris with Montell Williams making its rounds across Twitter accounts of various type, the 64-year-old former talk show host, and his daughter. The Internet wanted to know: did the two date? Are they dating now? Did Kamala and Doug split up? So many questions from so many people across the social media world! Rumors quickly spread but this time, there was indeed truth behind all the speculation.

Harris and Williams dated briefly in 2001. He had recently divorced his wife when the pair dated. It was many, many years before Kamala met her current husband, Doug. The photo making its rounds on Twitter (and now other social media sites) was taken at a gala event the two attended together.

Montell shared the photo of himself with Vice-President-elect Harris on his Twitter account last year, but it was the recent upload that garnered tons of attention from Kamala fans and haters alike. In all fairness, Kamala was not in the spotlight in the same way that she is today. After all, she is the first woman ever elected to the position of vice-president and the first African American in the position. Talk about making history.

Everyone now has an interest in everything-Kamala, even if the information does not exactly reflect her political career.

The relationship was short-lived but nonetheless worth mentioning. Kamala now has two beautiful daughters and has been happily married for more than 13 years. Montell, now 64-years old, remains single.

It seems that Montell is none-too-happy about the attention the photo -and relationship- has garnered in recent weeks. The fact that the pair had even dated seemed to have slipped most everyone’s mind until, of course, that one Twitter upload changed it all.

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