The former US president has proven that he doesn’t have to be in the presidential seat to destroy the trust in the election system and taint the truth. Trump’s movement is considered to manipulate lies. The spreading of lies concerning the integrity of the political systems in the US poses a big risk to the US democracy.

Trump is said to manipulate the good relationship he has with the conservative group of US citizens to convey his claims of the fraud-filled US elections that led to many republican contestants losing their elections. Trump has influenced the Republican party to lose its faith in democracy within the US. This loss of faith carries a huge weight on the prospect of the USA.

Trump’s personal vendetta has led him to bring together resources to damage the reputation of any republican officeholder who would speak up concerning the storming of the United States Capitol.

Trumping is getting great satisfaction with the boos directed to Sen. Mitt Romney by activists in Utah. Sen. Mitt Romney had voted for the arrest of Donald Trump because of his wrongful use of power during his impeachment trials.

Some of the few Republican lawmakers who were able to summon strength within themselves to speak up against Trump’s crude tactics, such as Cheney, could as well as be putting their political life at risk. Some of the Trump supporters in congress are looking for other means to remove Cheney from her position after winning the secret ballot election. Her major wrongdoing in the eyes of Trump is saying the truth that the previous election was not rigged, and Biden won the sit fairly.

In a conference that was behind closed doors, CNN reported that Cheney claimed Trump’s overall behavior was a poison to the democracy of the United States. She also added that Trump had crossed a line when he led to the insurrection of the capitol on January 6th.

 Trump is said to be more in control of the republican party out of office. This has been made clear by the bans on social media platforms. It is also a fact that Trump’s tactics in destroying the American democracy are fruitful.

All the courts that Trump filed a petition for the fraudulent election dismissed his claims as there was no evidence of any irregularity that would have caused him to lose the elections.

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