Trump Receives Strong Rebuke From His Sister in Leaked Audio

US President Donald Trump has received a stern rebuke from an unlikely source.

Criticism From Trump’s Sister: In newly leaked audio, Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is heard criticizing her brother for numerous issues. The transcripts and accompanying audio were originally obtained and released by The Washington Post on Saturday. In the audio, Barry is heard saying “Donald’s out for Donald.”

The transcripts and audio were provided by Mary Trump, the president’s niece and author of a controversial new book about her uncle. In addition to the recent book release, Mary Trump told the Post that she had 15 hours of secretly taped conversations with Barry in 2018 and 2019. Mary Trump has not been shy about voicing her opinion that her uncle is not fit to be president. She has also been a vocal supporter of Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

Notable Sections of Audio: In the transcripts and recorded audio, Barry slammed her brother for his constant tweeting, lying, and lack of preparation to take on the job as president. She also repeatedly called him cruel.

While Barry has never spoken publicly about Trump, this audio tells the story of a contentious relationship between the two siblings. A retired federal appellate judge, Barry tells the story of when her brother denied her request to help her with a favor that would have advanced her career in the 1980s.

Other notable parts of the audio recording relate to Trump’s academic endeavors. In a recorded conversation between Barry and Mary Trump on November 1, 2018, Barry corroborates Mary Trump’s claim in her book that the president paid somebody to take his SATs for him.

A spokesperson for Mary Trump said that she began recording the conversations in late 2018 due to a rift that was forming over an inheritance. According to the statement, Mary Trump only recorded the conversations in an attempt to capture information to protect herself in potential litigation proceedings. She did not expect the conversations to yield so much disparaging information about her uncle.

Trump’s Response to the Audio: On Saturday, the White House released an official statement regarding the leaked audio. In the statement, Trump said that not everyone agrees with him but the results of his presidency are obvious. He also made mention of missing his late brother, Robert Trump, who passed away last week at the age of 71.

Timing of the Audio: The timing of the release of the audio coincides with the kickoff of the Republican National Convention. This year’s virtual convention is set to begin on Monday, August 24, culminating with Trump giving his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination on Thursday, August 27.

The Democratic party is currently riding a high, having just finished its Democratic National Convention with largely favorable reviews. The Democrats looked to seize on what many see as Trump’s flaws, painting Biden as the ultimate family man. By running their convention around Biden’s character and morality, the Democrats are looking to position their candidate as the antithesis of Trump.

On Sunday, the Republican party released its list of speakers for the upcoming convention. Four of Trump’s five children are scheduled to speak at the event. The goal will be to match Biden’s assertion that he is a family man. However, the comments by his sister have now complicated the picture that Trump aides are trying to paint.



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