Tomas Gorny: An Acclaimed Entrepreneur Known for Building an Honest Firm from Its Inception

Nextiva, a leading communication company, has set an example as an organization that integrates systems that promote integrity, thanks to the company CEO and Founder, Tomas Gorny’s strategic leadership. Gorny moved to the United States from Poland at twenty with limited English and little money. At the time, he took odd jobs such as washing dishes and parking cars to survive.

Two years later, he became a technology millionaire, but he shut down his business following the technology dotcom crisis in the early 2000. He was smart enough to save his only remaining credit card and formed a technology company called IPOWER. He later sold this company to Goldman Sachs for one billion dollars. In 2018, he co-founded Nextiva. Under Tomas Gorny’s managerial expertise, Nextiva has grown from its initial twelve employees to a leading firm in business communication technology. Currently, it has employed more than one thousand team members.

It has also received different awards due to its exceptional company culture, including the 2018 award for a company with the culture and the Spirit of Enterprise Award. Tomas has also received several awards for his exceptional leadership. In 2017, he was named the top technology CEO by a leading United States Business Journal. Today, there are a lot of companies that use the Nextiva platform O’Brien Late Night Talk Show.

Since it was established, Nextiva’s mission has always worked to achieve its vision and mission, simplifying business communication to help other companies scale their operation. Tomas established the company to help address issues he noticed with CRM Systems that made collaboration and communication difficult. Gorny set out to address this issue by providing a tool that helps businesses, regardless of their size, feel like Fortune 500 companies.

Under his leadership, Nextiva has even created intuitive and innovative products. One of the most notable being NextOS. This is an all-inclusive business communication tool. In one of his recent interviews with NBC, Gorny advised entrepreneurs to focus more on their business purpose, aside from the exit strategy. Tomas reiterates that Nextiva has “big goals,” yet it still has a simple but clearly articulated overreaching purpose.

Tomas points out that when they frame the company proposition, they can easily show that they’ve achieved what they planned to achieve. Tomas company has the vision, mission and capabilities, and the management team always leads by example. For instance, they regularly communicate to employees about the firm’s strategic goals, providing employees a sense of purpose.

Gorny also communicates a sense of purpose to employees by bringing his client stories into the business. This way, his employees know that the management appreciates whatever they do. Nextiva doesn’t just promote improved communication for different companies; it also prioritizes transparency and communication within its own company. Whenever the company holds a meeting, its purpose is mainly to remove roadblocks and never about show and tell.

Tomas admits that he gets in front of his employees in small and large groups four times every year to talk about Nextiva’s goals, and how best they can achieve it.

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