Tom Chang MD: Eye Health During the Pandemic and a Changing Industry

Dr. Tom Chang MD is a general ophthalmologist serving patients in the Pasadena, California, area. Recognized for his over 20 years of experience in the field and comprehensive services, Dr. Chang is an industry leader for many reasons. That includes his vision of the future. The ophthalmology industry is changing rapidly, which is evident in the changes in his practice.

Tom Chang MD Sees Changes Across the Industry

Tom Chang MD’s practice has afforded numerous opportunities for seeing a change in the industry. That includes the use of technology and changing techniques that improve patient health. Many times, this new technology also improves patient comfort and minimizes risks due to new preventative services. There are many instances of his future vision in the industry.

The Use of AI in the Industry

One of the ways Tom Chang MD sees change happening in the industry is with the implication of artificial intelligence. AI offers many industry opportunities. Using AI is a good way to capture valuable data. That data can offer insights into preventive care needs as well as treatment of eye disease. It can also help to improve patient outcomes in a variety of ways.

One example of this is using AI as a way of detecting early signs of eye health risks. Early detection could mean better outcomes for some patients. AI is enabling this through the use of minimally invasive screening techniques. Even better, these tests take about 15 minutes to complete.

Speaking of the subject, Tom Chang MD stated, “While I believe that physicians will always need to make the final decision in clinical care, there will be a fundamental change that will take place where AI programs will both guide as well as help monitor the clinical decisions that physicians make.”

Eyecare in the Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought changes to the industry and practices across all areas of healthcare. That includes the eye industry. However, COVID-19 also brought with it confusion. How does COVID-19 impact the eyes? A lot of confusing and mistaken information was released. That includes concerns about whether people should wear goggles all of the time. Could COVID-19 be contracted through the eyes? What about masks and eye health?

Tom Chang MD offered various insights into this to help clear up the confusion. This includes providing straight answers to each question. When it comes to eye contact and COVID, a person can contract it by touching a surface with the virus and then touching their eyes. A person may spread the virus through their tears, too, though the risk of doing so is very low.

Eyeglasses may provide very limited protection though goggles may be an option for those who are very high risk. He also noted that good hygiene may reduce many of these risks.

Tom Chang MD – Dilation May be a Thing of the Past

Most people hate the process of dilation. It involves using drops to expand the retina to allow for a better view of the interior of the eye, including the optic nerve. The process today is cumbersome, requiring a person to wait 30 minutes to an hour from the drops being used to when the process can be completed.

Technology is changing this. A new program offered by Acuity Eye Group’s 360 Advanced Vision Center may be the ideal indication of this. The group is led by Tom Chang MD. It’s an interesting initiative that allows patients to get the same level of care that dilation offers without all of the complexity of the standard procedure.

The new method developed by Dr. Tom Chang enables a minimally invasive way for eye doctors to gather specific information – the same type of information obtained from a traditional eye dilation. It does not take as long to complete. This procedure takes about 30 minutes and offers all of the benefits patients need.

What’s more, the design of this program encourages people to get the eye care they need. Many people do not want to wait for these longer procedures. They may avoid an eye doctor visit as a result. This could help to change that outcome.

A Changing Industry: Tom Chang MD Works to Improve It

This is one of the many ways Tom Chang MD has worked to create opportunities for his patients to receive high-level care for their eyes without all of the difficulties and invasive procedures often used. The Acuity 360 initiative is one solid example of his work to promote better eye health with fewer complexities. Often, the level and type of care obtained through this type of exam is better than what is received through a basic level and traditional services. That means better prevention and more health may be possible. It may also mean better early detection of problems, further minimizing risks to patients.

The eye industry is changing. Tom Chang MD is at the forefront of it. The industry continues to adopt new types of technology and better access to overall care for patients. The end result is clear. Patients get better care for their eyes and their overall health in the process of doing so.

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