Tim McGraw Is Set to Release a New Album

One of the Hardest Working Men in Show Business

Tim McGraw has always worked hard. He always held down a job even before his music career took off. He took several breaks throughout his career, but he always found himself getting antsy and wanting to return to work. However, the pandemic forced him to take time off from his work.

Tim stated that he was taking a year off from music without even realizing it. He has enjoyed the time that he has spent home with his wife, Faith Hill. Their youngest child just graduated from high school. Even though their child was not able to have a graduation, they were able to celebrate at home.

Tim said that being at home with his family has benefited everyone. He stated that he was able to find out things he did not know about his family members. He also said that spending time at home has allowed him to realize how special each one of his children are.

New Album Is on the Way

Even though Tim McGraw has not been able to tour, he has still been working on his music. He is set to release a new album called “Here on Earth.” He stated that the new album will explore the intricacies of relationships and family. It will also talk about finding contentment and purpose.

Tim stated that he began working on his album before the pandemic began. In fact, he started working on the album after he completed the “Soul to Soul” tour with his wife. The pandemic did change a few things.

Tim and his producer Byron Gallimore had to change a few of the songs. One of the songs on Tim’s album is called “I called Mama.” He dedicated it to the people who feel fearful and anxious due to the pandemic.

Tim said that before Covid, the song was about losing someone that you love and being able to call someone else who can set your mind at ease. Today, the song is about everything that is going on in the world right now.

53 And No Signs of Slowing Down

Even though Tim McGraw is 53-years-old, he does not plan to stop making music any time soon. He separates himself from other people in country music by staying away from the party songs.

Tim is known for making love ballads, and his new album features a few of those. The first single off his new album is “LA.” The song is about a country boy who falls in love with a girl. He feels like he is out of place in California, but he is willing to stick it out for the woman he loves.

“Hold You Tonight” is another song off the album. It is a song about all of the hard work that you will have to put in order to make a relationship work. Tim stated that now that he and his wife are in their 50s, a lot has changed in their marriage.

“Gravy” is one of the other tracks from the album. It is about being grounded wherever you are at in life. Tim also reflects on his childhood with this album. He has a song called “Hallelujahville” that is about the people he grew up with.

In addition to working on music, Tim has also been active in social justice movements. He has expressed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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