The Treasury Department Just Applied Sanctions To Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Buddies

One of Rudy Giuliani’s missions as President Trump’s personal lawyer was to hurt Joe Biden’s credibility before and during the 2020 campaign. Trump and Giuliani believe Biden got his son Hunter a job with a major Ukraine gas company when he was second-in-command under President Obama.

 Rudy Enlisted The Help Of Former Ukraine Officials With Russian Ties

The president tried to get the president of Ukraine to join his quest to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden. But political hell broke loose, according to the New York Times. State Department officials claimed Rudy acted like a member of the State Department. He interviewed members of the Ukrainian government like a state department official. The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine lost her job when she tried to stop Rudy from doing Trump’s bidding.

Rudy’s main source of information in Ukraine was Andrii Derkach. Derkach is a Ukrainian Parliament member. And he has close ties to the Kremlin. U.S. officials claim Derkach is an agent for the Russian Federation. Derkach is also responsible for spreading the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden had a money-laundering scheme with Burisma, the Ukraine gas company that hired Hunter Biden.

 The Treasury Department Sanctioned Andrii Derkach For 2020 Election Interference

In September, the Treasury Department sanctioned Andrii Derkach for interfering with the American election process. Giuliani knew his relationship with Derkach would hurt his credibility. But the sanctions against Derkach did not stop Giuliani from standing up at Trump’s January 6th rally in Washington and claiming election fraud. Plus, he told the crowd the only way to stop the injustice was through combat.

But the Treasury Department didn’t stop investigating the Giuliani and Derkach supporters who condone and spread the false claims made against Joe and Hunter Biden.

Former Ukrainian government officials Oleksandr Onyshchenko, Oleksandr Dubinsky, Konstantin Kulyk, Andriy Telizhenko, and the key member of Derkach’s media team, Petro Zhuravel, got hit with Treasury Department sanctions.

Plus, long-time Derkach supporter Dmytro Kovalchuk and Andrii’s assistant Anton Simonenko are also on the Treasury Department’s sanction list. But Rudy escaped the sanction charges since he is an American citizen. But his critics say Rudy’s day in court is not far away.

The New York Bar May Cancel Rudy’s Membership

Rudy faced an enormous amount of blowback from his insurrection rally speech. But Rudy continues to fight for Mr. Trump. If Congress impeaches Mr. Trump, Rudy will act as the president’s attorney. White House lawyers refuse to represent Mr. Trump in the impeach trial if there is one.

Mr. Giuliani still faces scrutiny from the Southern District of New York for his role in sketchy foreign business deals. Giuliani used his friendship with Trump to entice foreign business people who wanted to get close to the president.

 Rudy Giuliani still supports Trump. Rudy said his Trial by Combat comment was just a line from Game of Thrones. Rudy told the press his comment was a metaphor, not a call to action.

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