The Swimming Amputee, Morgan Stickney, is Ready To Break the Olympic Record

The story of Morgan Stickney highlights how disability can’t stop one’s passion. While many sportspeople give up their careers due to injury, this wasn’t her case. Stickney is beating many in the field. Currently, she is training hard to win and break the Olympic record.

Early life

Morgan was born on 19th June 1997 to Tom and Sher Stickney. She and her elder brother Ben were born and raised in Bedford, New Hampshire, but the athlete moved to Cary, NC, in the USA for training. She studied pre-medicine at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. Currently, Morgan Stickney is studying Biology at the University of Colorado. She aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon so that she can help others pursue their dreams. She is pursuing her lifelong dream of participating in the world swimming Olympics.

Struggles within the Swimming Career

Morgan Stickney started swimming at the tender age of ten and became very good at it. In 2013, she injured her left foot just before the race and had to step off for a while. The break wasn’t for so long as the injury could not hinder her passion and determination. After a treatment following persistent pain, Stickney chose amputation. Her decision saved her a lifetime of drug dependency. In October 2019, she got a rare vascular infection due to an injury to her right foot. This tragedy led to the amputation of her right foot, making Morgan a bilateral amputee. You can never understand the pain of losing a body part, let alone two of them, unless you have gone through it. After twelve years of battling pain, surgeries, and medication, she made it to the world Olympics 2021.

Breaking the Olympic Record

Morgan Stickney participates in a 400m free-style swimming race and wants to break the world Olympic record. It is incredible and quite unbelievable for some, but you better believe it. She is diligently training in a pool in Cary, N.C.

In 2016, Lakeisha Patterson set the current world record that stands at 4:40:33. The sheer determination of Morgan can assure you she can break the established record no matter what it takes. Morgan Stickney has now improved her swimming time by half. Morgan Stickney stands only a few seconds off the world record and is still working to break it.

Such an impressive record for a double amputee deserves support and all motivation. In the next World Swimming Olympics, you can expect a new record from Morgan Stickney.

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