The Successful Life of a Leading French Couturier Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of the first women’s fashion designers to ever launch a collection of men’s jackets, shirts, and neckties. He even became the first designer to venture into Asia, where most of his catalog was made. In the late 60s, his name was among the list of anyone looking for wonderfully outrageous designs and sometimes hip, provocative.

Pierre was imitated and admired by many people worldwide until he passed on in Paris at the age of 98. His death was announced by the French Academy of Arts, but they did not say the exact cause of death. In 1959, Cardin style his collection, which was different than the traditional French style clothing. He was even fortunate to have ventured into the Asian Fashion industry by doing business with Japan in the late 50s and China in the early 70s.

Pierre was even responsible for setting up the first French couture show in Beijing. Valerie Steele, a renowned academician in the fashion industry admitted that this move was way before its time. Today, the fashion industry largely depends on Asia to produce clothes, and it’s still one of the largest consumer markets. While many people believe that Pierre Cardin invented designer licensing and designer boutique, this was never the case. One of Cardin’s employees, Schiaparelli, operated a fashion store in Paris, which at the time wasn’t the norm.

In the late 40s, Dior, one of Pierre’s former employers, had dabbled in the invention of designer licensing by branding his name on women stockings made by a united states manufacturer. It was, however, Cardin who sold these ideas to the world. Cardin opted for the ready to wear fashion business as a way to finance his custom order collection.

In one of his interviews with the London Times in 2000, Cardin pointed out that the money he collected was to go into his couture shows, and he was also in need of something that could support his employees.

Pierre was even later approached by a friend who owned a tie company and requested him to design something he produced. Cardin collection soon featured “a bubble” dress and an a trendy mini-dress design that paired up perfectly with boots. His men collection that featured a collarless jacket without lapels was trending in the United States and Europe in the early 60s.

Cardin unconventional style continued to press the French couture’s limits throughout the years, a style that was primarily supported by old conservative money. Most of the top-level French designers used wool and fine silk, but Cardin experimented with different synthetic fabrics. He was even renowned globally as the “space-age” designer. This is because of his dresses that featured three-tier that would curved nicely on anyone who wore them.

Cardin also designed unique jumpsuit which were unlike the conventional ones at the time. Under the men collection, one of his notable designs is the fitted pullover sweaters. This collection has even inspired the costumes of top Hollywood movies such as “Star Trek.” Some of the stars who featured in the movie, such as Charlotte Rampling and Shirley MacLaine, are regulars at the fashion shows he held in Paris.

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