The Striking Similarities of Pro Basketball Players Nugget’s Nikola Jokic and Lakers’ LeBron James

The Denver Nugget’s game quality, the 3-1 comebacks, and one-footed jumpers put together by Jokic are impressive. Jokic started a while back and has some common grounds with LeBron, who is widely considered the worldwide best basketball player. However, their similarity surfaces in their game controlling skills, and they achieve this through their passing techniques.

Many still dismiss the comparison due to appearances as LeBron is a sleek and muscled individual, which all boost his physical skills while Jokic is has neither of the two features. When individuals listened to Michael Malone, and Frank Vogel lay out facts about the two players, several clear similarities surfaced during the Game 1 buildup. One of the two crafty players has been known for his skilled passing and his potential of scoring at will through utilizing his body size. The basketball player is also well-known for running good offenses from a point due to his passing expertise.

The other basketball team player is LeBron James. When playing the Clippers, Jokic whipped the ball through tight angles to his teammates. During the last two games, Jokic generated around 20 assists as the Nuggets battled elimination. When all is alright, the two are crucial players in their team’s offenses.

During the wait for Game 1, Malone decided that he would start Jokic, and it is considered a defining choice by many supporters and analysts. Malone stated that with a player that organizes plays for his fellow player’s best and naturally boosts the teammate’s trust in the past, and this sets a good example for all to follow. The Lakers, LeBron’s current team, benefits significantly for the same skill. Vogel stated that the mindset creates an atmosphere where teammates feel the energy and urge to win.

Vogel added that with top players who are willing passers, the other players would be psyched to play alongside them because they know that the ball will be passed, and they will all have equal opportunities on the court. This mentality affects the players’ performance greatly, and players are noticed to compete harder, defend harder, and run harder.

At 35, LeBron James led the basketball league with a personal career-high of around 10.2 assists in each game. However, James’ longevity, consistency, and winning capability set the champion apart from every other player, and this is where stat comparison ends. Jokic remarked that he not only assists at the post, but he rather does so from every place, and if you are unfortunate to defend his offenses, you are guaranteed to have a hard time as James is ever going for a score each time.

LeBron James is an all-around player who has skills from passing, shoots, post-ups and creating plays. The final words are that LeBron James should be considered the number one player worldwide.

Final Word

Both players, Jokic and LeBron, have had their historical seasons of ball passing. For two years straight, Jokic has averaged in total around seven assists. It is a big achievement because only one other 7-footer has managed that record with the player being Wilt Chamberlain.

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