The Rivalry of the Decade, Bezos vs. Musk

The rivalry between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk has been a mainstay in the media house for the last decade and a half. The two executives are known for their space enthusiasm, with Musk standing at the helm of SpaceX and Bezos running Blue Origin. Elon has in recent years openly criticized Bezos’s business ethics, even terming him a copycat. This move was fueled by Amazon’s plans to launch satellites. On the other hand, Blue Origin and Amazon responded to some of the criticism by filing lawsuits and formal protests, raising concerns about some aspects of SpaceX.

Jeff and Elon are arguably two of the most influential business executives on the planet, with Bezos climbing a notch higher by being the wealthiest individual in the world. Bezos recently stepped down from running Amazon to concentrate his efforts on Blue Origin. In comparison, Elon Musk has maintained his dual CEO status, heading both Tesla and SpaceX.

The rivalry between these two executives goes beyond lawsuits and protests. They have often taken to social media platforms such as Twitter, where they exchange bitterly and, in some cases, call each other names. The rivalry between Musk and Bezos can be dated back to 2004 when they met to talk about their ambitions on reusable rockets. At the time, both Blue Origin and SpaceX were still at the development stages and had not made any major headway in terms of space travel or exploration.

The rift between the executives was further broadened by SpaceX’s move to acquire exclusive rights to a NASA launchpad in 2013. The move didn’t sit well with Bezos, forcing him to launch a formal protest with the government, coming up with a counter opinion of making the launch pad a commercial spaceport, where all launch companies can access. Elon later responded by terming this a blocking tactic. He went on to add that Blue Origin was yet to come up with a fully functional spacecraft, despite spending a decade working on it.

The rift between Bezos and Musk has continued to grow. The feud between the executives has transcended beyond their space ambitions. In recent tweets and interviews, they have been seen taking jabs on some of their hiring practices. For example, Musk revealed that Blue Origin has been poaching talent from Space X by offering them double salaries.

The rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos is an open story. Musk has consistently been outspoken about his views about Amazon and Bezos. On the other hand, Bezos has remained subtle about his dislike for SpaceX and Musk.

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