The Nightmare Economy That Joe Biden Is Inheriting

In January is when Joe Biden the U.S.A president-elect will be stepping into the White House. His reign is full of crisis which is inheriting and it might take more effort for him to be able to restore the norm of the entire state. The pandemic is hitting the economy so hard which makes it harder for economic recovery. When he tries to open the economy fully, for sure there will be a spike in the spread of the virus which will lead to more deaths hence, a social and economic crisis which will be very hard to be solved. The mix of policies for him to implement will be hard to curb the spread as well as keep businesses running. After being announced as the winner, he first established a board to advise on the pandemic and come up with some health strategies that will assist the country.

No Best Course of Action in Agreement

Almost every country in the world has been affected adversely by the virus which has greatly hit on their economy. In America, citizens have different opinions about moving on with life after the pandemic and this is something that divides them since there is no agreed course of action by the citizens and leaders. Agendas there are pulled due to public support. Surveys being carried shows that America is polarized along party lines when it comes to the government response to the economy and health issues of the citizens.

Lawmakers Don’t Agree, Either

Biden has tried to call for some federal relief programs which are loans for businesses, working families to receive direct payments and student loans to be forgiven at the moment which is important as a financial bridge under control. Employment of COVID-19 contact tracers is also among what Biden has done to make sure that the spread of the virus is controlled and also curbing the high unemployment rate.

Systematic Racism to Be Addressed First Before Economy Fixing

2020 is the year that the country has been struggling a lot with racism effect starting from police brutality and other forms of violence that are directed to the Black people which led to some demonstrations and alarms raised from all over the world against the same. The Black communities here have had a rough time to access health care, achieve their wealth, and also are not able to enjoy the interaction with the White communities.

The Pandemic Is Not Yet Over!

Even though there has been some promising result about the vaccine for the virus, you need to know that nothing is yet done. We still have to take precautions even though we want to open the economy so that everything is restored back to the norm. the vaccine that is underway might take longer to be effective since the production, distribution, storage is demanding and also, it is still yet to be approved.

During Biden’s campaign, he could always speak about getting the middle ground for the Americans, and for sure, this is a hard task for him during his reign which is full of disasters but from his opinions, he believes that he will be able to reunite America and bring its economy back to the top.

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