The Music Revolution: With Jesse Neo, the Gemtracks’ Founder

Jesse Neo, Gemtracks’ founder, is relentlessly upgrading his instrumental beat online store into a music-industry platform. His effort is to see the music industry develop and become manageable and less expensive. Today, his platform has more than 100,000 members, most of the clients coming from North America. Meanwhile, Jesse realized companies outsource their work to Asian and African freelancers. Hence, he concluded that the same could be applicable in the music industry. His focus is currently on African musicians, who would benefit more from the platform.

According to his report in an interview with BI Africa, Jesse stated that Gemtracks was an initiative for financial support while in college. By then, he signed contracts with various media companies as a songwriter in Los Angeles. Eventually, the companies ended the contract, and Jesse was no longer financially stable. He is originally from Australia, and his parents could not help him since they were far away. However, despite problems, Jesse found a way for his music store improvement.

Jesse’s objective is to convert Gemtracks into a self-service platform for African musicians. Usually, unpopular artists would not access the top artists and the assets without the record labels. However, with Gemtracks in place, it would be easier for unpopular artists to present their work to the top artists. According to him, he states that such a connection would help both parties.

In an interview, he stated that his vast knowledge in the music industry and IT from college studies have helped him operate Gemtracks with little assistance from other parties. However, he never fails to intervene with some of his excellent friends, like Milana Leybovich, a renowned Disney singer. Sean Wilson, a professional business advisor, offers some help to Jesse to ensure his business does not deteriorate.

Jesse states that his exposure to cultural diversity can enable his mission to get better and more manageable in African states. He is conversant with Kenyan, Nigerian, South Africa, and Congolese cultural norms. Jesse feels that it is a significant chance to make new African talents get known worldwide. He states that the African beats are performing better on the platform than anywhere worldwide.

According to his remarks, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed artists’ mindsets. As a result, there is a notable surge into the platform by many artists globally. That indicates Gemtracks can be one of the tools to drive the music revolution in the world.

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