The Long Journey of Ben Carson in Medical Career

Benjamin Solomon Carson was born on 18th September 1951. His parents were Solomon Carson and Sonya Carson. He started school in 1956 at the Fisher School. Her mother was a grade three drop out and married at the age of 13. Some years later, Ben Carson`s parents divorced after Sonya, her mother, learned that his father had another family. Leaving with his mother, Carson was taught that nothing was impossible in life.

Making it from the last Position in Class to Top

Like many other kids in school, Ben Carson experienced lots of hitches in school. He dropped to the previous position in class; this made other pupils scorn him. Her mother was determined to see him make it in school. Sonya made sure that Ben Carson completed his assignment before going to play with other kids. Ben Carson would also not watch TV all the time. He was required to read at least two books in a week and give reports to her mother. Her mother couldn’t read the reports, though she insisted on demonstrating the seriousness. Within a year, Ben started to improve in class. This amused his teachers and the classmates who ridiculed him.

Triumphant Entry in Surgical Career

In 1973, Ben Carson got a scholarship to Yale, where he attained a B.A degree in psychology. He joined the School of Medicine of Michigan. He earned a medical degree and moved to work as an intern at Johns Hopkins University in 1977. With his outstanding coordination, he climbed his career ladder very fast. In 1982, he became the chief resident neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University. Ben Later moved to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Australia, where he gained more experience.

First Recorded Medical Milestone

Ben Carson`s initial landmark was documented in 1987 in Germany. This was after he conducted an operation to separate occipital craniopagus twins. The twins were joined in the head. Prepared for the rescue mission, Ben and other teams of experts and staff performed a 22-hour operation. This became his first successful surgery since he started his career.

Makwaeba twins of South Africa

Ben, together with his team, went to South Africa to separate the Makwaeba twins. Even though the operation was not successful, Carson was determined to press on. The two girls developed complications after the procedure and died later. In 1977, he went to Zambia with his team and performed a 28-hour operation on two boys. The two young boys made it through the process and did not even suffer brain damage.

Ben Carson`s Greatest Medical Challenge.

Separating adult twins hit Ben and his team of surgeons the hardest way ever. Ladan and Bijan were joined at the head. They lived like this for 29 years. The operation was more demanding and complicated since the brains and major veins had joined. Even though the procedure was not productive, Ben Carson gains public recognition. Later, he would be called to give lectures and motivational speeches in schools and other academic gatherings.

Final words

There is more than what can be written about Ben Carson. His story is more of a motivational one than a medical career. The above-noted progress about Ben Carson is just a pinch of his whole achievements.

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