The First Presidential Milestone of Mr. Joe Biden

The president of the United States eyes a significant victory with approval of the COVID-19 relief program. This victory comes seven weeks after assuming the oval office. The enactment of the bill will ensure the extension of the unemployment benefits and expansion of the child tax credit.

President Joe Biden expects the House to provide the final approval of the coronavirus package on Wednesday. The COVID-19 package is estimated to be $1.9 trillion. The approval is a breakthrough for the Democrats in Congress and the President.

Mr. Joe will have prospered in his first major legislative undertaking upon the relief package approval. The president expects to receive the news around midday from the House about the approval.

Over the last year, the virus has seen the death toll rise to over five hundred thousand Americans. The result has had a devastating effect on both the economy and the social well-being of the people. However, the coronavirus vaccine has brought hope to the American people in overcoming the pandemic.

The Senate cleared the bill on Saturday. The passing of the bill means $300 unemployment benefits and $1,400 payments made directly to Americans. Americans will enjoy the package until September. Also, local and state governments will receive funding and also help schools to reopen.

Democrats intended to raise the weekly unemployment stampedes to $400, but the Senate capped it at $300. The Senate also tightened the criteria for receiving the relief package. Other initiatives to be undertaken are mass testing, distribution of vaccines, and contact tracing.

Mr. Biden is to make a statement about the legislation on Thursday. The address is to mark one year since the pandemic occasioned lockdowns across the states. Over 50% of Americans have come out to support the Biden administration for the coronavirus package.

Republicans have deemed the bill as being unwarranted and wasteful. The Republicans have criticized the package, sighting it as partisan. Also, no votes were cast supporting the package at the House or the Senate.

Through this bill, the president will have asserted his intentions on lowering the poverty levels. The benefits of the package are aimed towards substantially benefiting low-income American citizens.

The division in support of the package by the House and Senate is a show of political dynamism. Mr. Biden intends to also promulgate his agenda on immigration and infrastructure in the coming month.

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