The Facebook Papers Crisis

Over its 17 years of existence, Facebook has never faced such a massive crisis. Most of the time, it deals with one opponent at a time, but now, they seem to have ganged up and put on a case against the firm. A consortium of news firms came up with a lawsuit against Facebook, collecting many documented disclosures and other company documents.

They gathered a series of stories now collectively known as The Facebook Papers, disclosing some of the evils on the social media platform. According to their research, groups use the platform to plan violence, human trafficking, and other evils that their leadership has not regulated. Frances Haugen, the whistleblower, provided tens of thousands of Facebook documents currently used as evidence against the company. A subcommittee of the Senate formed to hear the matter when Haugen raised the subject. She claimed that the application is harmful to teenagers and children, brings division, and undermines democracy.

According to the case, Facebook cannot control the conversations on its website, take action against those who use hate speech or protect young people from some information. Due to its large size, the staff cannot control what each user from any corner of the world posts. In their defense, the company’s spokesman stated that Haugen was selectively using the data to build a false conclusion about them. He categorically put that Facebook does not put its commercial needs before the need for safety of its users. He further added that they were willing to release more documents to prove their innocence but were still looking to release them.

Investigations on the company show that they are in the process of rebranding. However, taking that direction will not fix its problems, rather postpone them and keep piling up trouble. An example of a publicized case was a drug cartel using the online platform to recruit and spread violence. Though they were using a coded name, Facebook identified them and classified them among dangerous groups that needed action. However, they did not take action against them, and the company claims it is still collecting artificial intelligence on the group before taking any legal action.

The Facebook Papers saga has led to users losing confidence with Facebook. Both Facebook users and staff seem to be cutting their ties with the company. Some believe that the firm can no longer put out its fires and thus cannot protect the users from social evils. The road is still long for the social media giant, and many watch to see the outcome.

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