The Dynamic and Successful Career of Conan O’Brien

Based on the successful 30 years in entertainment, it is easy to see why Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend has grown into one of the United States’ most listened to podcasts since its inception in 2018. After hosting many late-night shows for many decades together with his nearly superhuman friendly nature and quick-wit, Conan O’Brien did not have to start from scratch when he decided to venture into podcasting. Team Coco, his online media company, and millions of Twitter follows also came in handy.

Running a Podcast vs. Hosting a Talk Show

Conan O’Brien embraced the freedom that podcasting offers, unlike the limitations that accompany traditional talk shows. Through podcasting, he can have a conversation with someone for one and quarter hours without taking breaks, and as much as he tries to trim his content, people often let their guard down.

He can go without makeup or hair, which he prefers after spending 30 years of using makeup for television. Conan understands the role that podcasts play in people’s lives as people listen to them on the subway or the gym. He never anticipated how his show would form a huge impact on the lives of many, and its success came as a surprise to him

When doing a network television show, there is no natural flow of conversation as it is structured. O’Brien would take turns having conversations with various guests like or a monologue, slot in for a laugh after a while, take a break, and keep going until the end.

Conan O’Brien’s Shows

Through Team Coco, which has over 8 million Youtube subscriptions, ten shows are under its belt, including Inside Conan from writers Jessie Gaskel and Mike Sweeney and a mini-interview series with Dana Carvey, a Saturday Night Live alumni. He has rolled out ten scripted and unscripted podcasts in 2 years.

The talk shows have undergone some transformations, including adopting a half-hour format and looser format by Conan dropping the suit and desk. He started working home after the COVID-19 outbreak, doing ZOOM interviews, and posting Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend shows weekly. He seems unsure of whether he will stop doing the late-night show once his contract runs out.

Benefits of Being Versatile

Several years of success have placed Conan in an excellent and unique position to succeed on various platforms. Making podcasts or network television shows does not prevent him from doing other things. Being versatile puts one in a better position to navigate through unexpected technological changes.

Conan believes this is the most excited he has been in his whole career as he enjoys the opportunities he now has to make his audiences laugh and be creative. He believes that people who have been around for such a long time can either be scared of change or delight in it.

Success did not come by easily as he has undergone some challenges, including a public exit from Tonight show after slightly under eight months, but it did not put him down. Conan enjoys creating things and has the energy, so he would love to keep making people laugh.

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