The Britney Spears Saga Continues

One of the Most Famous Performers on the Planet

For over two decades now, Britney Spears has been one of the most famous women on the planet. Rising to the top of the music charts in the late nineties, the pop princess has lived a life unlike any other. After marrying backup dancer Kevin Federline, suffering a public nervous breakdown and then being placed under a conservatorship, however, things seemed to go off the rails. Not long after all of these events, Spears started a residency in Las Vegas, performing for thousands of adoring fans.

The Free Britney Movement

After Spears ended her residency and then abruptly decided not to do another one, many of her fans started to question whether she had been forced to work by her father, who was then in charge of her finances and all major decisions. Her most ardent fans began to discuss their concerns on social media, publicly airing their worries that Spears was being taken advantage of by her father and various entities who benefited from keeping her under lock and key.

Questions about Conservatorships in General

Britney’s high-profile conservatorship has raised a lot of questions about conservatorships in general. In the wake of the revelations about her life — and how closely the multi-millionaire entertainer has been monitored and controlled — many are speaking out about the ways in which conservatorships have failed them and their family members, often leaving the conservatee by the wayside. It has shined a societal spotlight on the myriad of methods used by unsavory people in order to make money off of those who are either elderly or deemed unable to handle their own affairs.

What Exactly Is Britney’s Mental Situation

As with many other similar cases, some of the details of the Britney Spears case are contained in sealed court documents. Although the public does not know the nitty-gritty of the mental diagnoses and other facts, many have pointed out that male entertainers who have suffered similar public breakdowns — rapper Kanye West is one example — have never been placed under conservatorships. In the wake of the Me Too movement, as America continues to examine the way women are treated by society in general, the Spears case will undoubtedly continue to attract attention. With a seemingly never-ending series of documentaries coming out about America’s pop princess, this story is staying firmly fixed in the headlines.

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