Tech Trend and Companies Modifying Healthcare in Washington DC

The healthcare industry is a rapidly growing niche. The ecosystem encompasses various healthcare ventures, from development and research to services for hospitals and patient care. Indeed, hospitals and insurance providers are well-known as the nation’s largest employers.

Emerging technology and innovations influence a significant swath of Washington’s workforce. Today, advances in systems, treatments, and medicine all rely on tech workers and technology. Tech has swiftly gained traction in the healthcare industry, with nearly 30% of jobs in Washington’s healthcare system are STEM-defined. Doctors and other medical practitioners have delved into leveraging evolving technologies to redefine patient care and the healthcare industry at large.

Technology indeed has been a driving force in various industries. Washington DC has for a long time been a leading leader in medical devices. Medical devices and supplies feature durable goods such as x-ray machines and many more. Of course, Washington’s medical devices and supplies subsector employed nearly 7500 workers in 2016. A wide range of pharmaceutical companies in Washington has meticulously worked towards manufacturing, developing, researching, and distributing drugs. Indeed, the utilization of technologies and data derived from computational chemistry, biotechnology, and molecular modeling has been fundamental in fostering innovation in medical drug development. Juno Therapeutics, a Washington-based clinical research company, is creating new technologies to transform cancer treatment.

Washington DC is a hotbed to several research organizations in the healthcare industry. For instance, researchers across various departments in the University of Washington are leveraging evolving technologies to augment health outcomes. Moreover, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and many more are using technology to oversee research revamping healthcare. Furthermore, Washington’s diagnostic and medical laboratories majorly rely on tech occupations. In 2015, nearly 5600 individuals within this niche field garnered employment opportunities in STEM occupations.

Home healthcare is a growing tech trend that has seen many companies rise to bring forth unrivalled services. For instance, the University of Washington has merged with various teams at Clemson University, the University of Colorado, Indiana University, and the University of Virginia to develop a unique networked system integral in redefining home healthcare. Extended care and Assisted living is yet a niche that is being transformed by technology. Assisted living centers have uncovered the potential of technologies and employed several STEM workers in different occupations. Nevertheless, Washington startups such as CHI Franciscan Health have come into the limelight in pioneering telemedicine, offering high-end virtual health.

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