Taylor Swift Contributes to a Mathematician’s College Fund

Taylor joined others to donate towards the college fund drive of a young aspiring mathematician. The musician made her contributions donating over 30,000 US dollars to the 18-year old’s college fund after reading about it online.

Victoria Mario started a GoFundMe account, which has since received significant contributions from people all over. The Portugal student now lives in the UK and will be able to attend the college of her dreams to realize her dreams, especially after getting a boost from the star. It was clear that without help, Victoria would struggle to get through her college life, not to mention have the ability to join her dream university successfully. Fortunately for her, her drive fund was about to get a major boost from a popular celebrity, Taylor Swift.

Taylor mentioned that she came across Victoria’s story online and was very inspired by the fact that she was willing to go the extra mile to secure her dreams. Taylor wrote in the donation comment section about how she was going to gift Victoria the rest of her goal amount, which she did. She finished her note by wishing the young student all the best in all her endeavours.

Mario has a goal that she set at £40,000, translating to over $52,000. She went ahead to share with donors of her drive fund the breakdown of the money. The funds would cater for accommodation, food, electricity, and other living costs.

Having been selected to attend The University of Warwick, a prestigious university, Mario knew she would not be able to afford to attend the school without help. She came from a disadvantaged background. She had been living in the UK with her family for four years now. The family lived in Tottenham and could not afford to take their daughter to The University of Warwick. Things were even harder for Mario, considering that she and her family were not eligible for loans or grants. This meant that unless she paid her way through college, it would be impossible to pursue her mathematics career. She chose to start a drive fund to help her gather enough cash for her schooling in college.

When launching her GoFundMe campaign, Mario introduced herself and her family. She went on to explain about her father’s demise and how her mother was forced to stay back in Portugal at the time. She further expressed her studious nature, letting her donors know about how she managed to get a perfect score despite not having had the ability to speak English when she first landed in the UK in 2016. She went on to secure 100% A*-As in all her GCSEs in 2018, getting a grade 9 and 8 in Math and English, respectively.

Maybe inspired by Tailor’s generosity, her fans continued to donate towards Mario’s fund drive, which continued to grow beyond her expectations. Mario took the time to express her gratitude towards those who donated and continue to do so. She called it a blessing for someone to be touched and donate more than half the amount she needed for her college life. She was moved by Swift’s donation, saying that the act blew her mind.

Fans seem to be moved by Taylor Swift’s act, as many commented after the story aired. The comments have been mixed, as some people hated Taylor, choosing to judge her action and motives. This is expected considering that she is a celebrity. Some went as far as saying that she should be saving for her retirement because she will probably not make as much when her beauty fades. Other people chose to tie in political choices in her act. Nonetheless, a few people applauded Taylor for choosing to support the young student to achieve her dreams. This noble act meant that a young student would get a chance to pursue her goals and desires, which is what mattered in the end.


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