Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney Share Thoughts on Writing Songs and Staying Busy

If Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney are bored during the pandemic, they certainly aren’t showing it. The two have definitely made the most of their quarantines, and their talents, during the past year. Both artists have kept busy writing and producing music, with each of them even managing to complete an entire album.

Swift completely surprised fans in July with the release of her latest album, “Folklore.” She recently joined Paul McCartney for a joint interview and cover photoshoot for Rolling Stone. Swift posted an image of the magazine’s cover on her social media account and referred to McCartney as the “loveliest person alive” in the caption.

During the interview for the magazine’s “Musicians on Musicians” issue, McCartney admitted that he feels guilty for enjoying the quarantine while so many people are suffering because of it. However, McCartney did express the need to have dreams in order to be able to escape from reality and told the magazine that books he read during the pandemic influenced his songwriting for the album. During the pandemic, he has been able to sample his music for family members as they prepare meals together. McCartney spent time quarantined with his daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren. McCartney’a album, “McCartney III,” will be released on December 11.

Swift and McCartney discussed the process of writing songs and how they seek out words that are “magical” and try to draw inspiration from various sources. McCartney said he read a book about constellations before recording “The Kiss of Venus,” one of his new songs. Swift said she has also been reading more books lately and related to the need to seek out inspiration, commenting that turning on the news “makes you want to have a panic attack.” Swift spoke of her desire to intentionally use “prettier” and “flowerier” words in her new songs, even if those words may not be traditionally found in pop music. Swift shared that she enjoys using numbers and pseudonyms in her songs, as well as words such as “epiphany.”

In addition to writing and producing her album, Swift told Rolling Stone that she has picked up a new hobby, sewing, during the pandemic. She has kept busy making baby gifts, including stuffed animals and embroidered baby blankets, for friends who are pregnant. Swift said she has also found comfort during the pandemic in watching movies that are set in ancient time periods.

Source: LAtimes.com

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