Stream Energy Reviews: Does Stream Energy Care About Women?

stream energy reviews
Since its founding in 2005, Stream Energy has become one of the most successful companies in the world.

The company took a simple yet innovative idea of selling energy through word-of-mouth and turned it into a multi-billion dollar success. Through expansion into other services like wireless, home, and protective services which are now available in nine states in the United States the company has earned over $8 billion in lifetime revenue.

After the success of its word-of-mouth business model, Stream Energy created its Stream Opportunity program.

Through this program, Stream Energy customers can become Independent Associates, who make money simply by referring Stream Energy’s services to their friends and family. With no quotas, door-to-door selling, or physical inventory, Independent Associates have a unique opportunity to earn rewards and income from anywhere, at any time.

With no restriction to location or hours, Independent Associates have a unique opportunity to step away from a nine-to-five office job while still earning a livable income. This business model allows Independent Associates of all backgrounds (with no business experience needed) to leverage their people skills and networks. For women specifically pregnant women, single moms, grandmothers, and stay-at-home moms being able to work from home at their own pace is highly beneficial. The flexible hours allow moms, soon-to-be moms, and even retired women to adapt to their children’s or grandchildren’s schedules and be more flexible with their time.

In a male-dominated world, women in business can often feel lesser just because they’re female. Whether it’s the pay gap, the lack of accommodation for pregnant workers, or the flawed maternity leave policies, women in the workplace face numerous challenges that their male counterparts don’t. Gender discrimination is a real part of the everyday business world.

For Stream Energy, who takes the wellbeing of its staff and Independent Associates very seriously, it’s important to uplift women and acknowledge their value as part of the company’s blueprint.

Recognizing the unique talents and strengths that women bring to the table to create success within the business environment, Stream Energy founded Women of Power. The female-run program’s main purpose is to promote and develop women leadership within the Stream Energy network of associates. Additionally, this empowering program helps female Independent Associates build confidence and strengthen their professional leadership skills.

At the heart of the program is an annual weekend retreat, which gives women a chance to connect, support, and find purpose through their experiences with Stream Energy. 

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