Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson Maintains the Current Employee Shortage won’t Affect Coffee Chain

Restaurants are among the most affected businesses in the world due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Most of the restaurants have closed to adhere to the set rules by the governments. That has led to a severe shortage of labor in most of the food-related industries. Even after loosening the restrictions, most of the restaurants are still suffering employee shortages. The coffee chain is among the sectors suffering labor shortage. However, Rossan Wiliams, the head of US retail, maintains that not all the markets are suffering the same magnitude at the same time.

Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, gives a different story. He credits the employees with benefits for their strong commitment to the company. Johnson says that Starbuck’s employees’ spirit is high and full of energy to keep the company operating without any feeling of labor shortage. Almost half of the United States restaurants are severely understaffed, and the situation has stalled the food industry’s business operations. Johnson says that Starbuck did not execute layoffs or any furloughs to its employees during the pandemic. Workers received total payments regardless of whether they are working or at home. Such credit made the employees’ working spirit remain high. Thus, the company does not show any sign of a labor shortage.

Johnson says Starbuck maintained its operations and support for the employees after the COVID-19 outbreak. Besides total payment to the workers after 30 days, the employees received other benefits, including sick pay and mental health benefit, and catastrophe payments. The company also supported employees’ families by providing childcare programs. The company would do a $125 reimbursement to the workers daily for childcare expenses. The workers also benefited from free sessions with mental health professionals. Still, Starbucks was among the best-rated companies that offer employees mouthwatering benefits, even before the pandemic outbreak.

Through collaboration with Arizona State University, Starbucks offers tuition fees to its employees. Almost 6,000 students have graduated since the initiation of the program. Employees who work for at least 20 hours per week benefit from paid parental leave, health insurance, and fertility benefits. That makes Starbuck among the best companies to work for in the United States. Kevin Johnson said that employees appreciate the benefits that the company offers. Johnson maintains that Starbucks is on the frontline to ensure employees are made a priority over benefits. Thus, the reason why the company boasts operation success due to highly active employees.

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