Sofia Loren Returns To Film

Some people are legendary. Everyone knows who they are and what they’ve done. One such person is Sophia Loren. Born in Rome in 1934, Sophia made a splash as a young woman. Her beauty and talent were immediately obvious. She decided to make acting her career. With this in mind, she entered Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Here, she was taught acting at Italy’s national film school in her teens. By the time she graduated, she’d caught the eye of many Italian directors. In the early 1950’s her career began to take off. However, it was during the later part of the decade that she really started to earnt the kind of acclaim that would eventually make her a household name and garner legions of fans.

A Contract

In 1958, Sophia Loren’s success in Italian films meant Hollywood had her on their radar. This was the year she was offered a contract to make five films for Paramount Pictures. She worked with many famous international male co-stars including Cary Grant and Anthony Perkins. Her work over the next two years would earn her an Academy Award for best actress. She became the first actress to earn the award for a non-English speaking part. Over the next ten years, Loren would continue to act and continue to earn a great many plaudits for her ability to translate emotion to the silver screen and bring audiences on a journey with her. At 86, many actresses have retired and moved past their acting days.

Back Again

Loren has always loved acting. In a new venture by her son she’s happily back in front of audiences today to bring a film that demonstrates her love of international cooperation. Her film is The Life Ahead. Here she plays an Italian survivor of the holocaust. In her role as Madame Rosa, the actress shows her ability to create a believable story that involves an older woman and a much younger man. The movie was directed and co-written by Edoardo Ponti. Ponti is her own younger son by famous Italian director Carlo Ponti. The film is being shown on Netflix for an international audience. She found the message of the film deeply appealing. She’s delighted to be back in front of the camera again.

Tolerance and Love

With this venture, she’s found a vehicle that shows her personal beliefs in the power of tolerance and inclusion. The ability to show off her command of the English language is also something that she likes very much. Her native Italian is lyrical but she finds in English a chance to speak to a wider audience. Over the course of her career, it’s a language that she has used again and again to great success. Now in her mid-eighties, she find the challenge of speaking this language one that she relishes. She’s been able to tap into her mastery of English after many years of not speaking it. The new film is one where she can once again show her passion.

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