Shawn Corey Carter’s Investments

Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, is one of the most renowned hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in the U.S. He took the music industry by storm. In the past decade, the rapper has slowly built a multi-million dollar empire. He has managed to do this by making well-calculated steps ,hence, growing his business. Jay-Z is a billionaire thanks to his numerous investments in tidal, liquor, music production, and real estate.


He was able to stream music on this platform. Tidal is one of the music platforms that have emerged with the growing technology. You can conveniently listen to music from your Apple device using Tidal. Jay-Z rarely shies away from taking any business deals. The rapper is passionate about music. He says music is an extension of who he is, and that is why he invested in Tidal.

He sold a significant amount of his stakes in Tidal to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. Further, he is supposed to sell Tidal at USD 350 million. Consequently, new reports have emerged that he is in the process of finalizing the sale for USD 302 million. Jesse Dorogusker will be the sitting executive head as they search for a permanent option.

In early January 2015, a company controlled by the famous rapper purchased Tidal. Back then, Jay-Z stated that he was looking for partners. However, to achieve his vision, he realized he had to do it independently.

Champagne Brand

Further, Forbes estimates the Jay-Z champagne brand at USD 630 million. The champagne brand is also called Ace of Spades. In February 2021, Jay Z is believed to have partnered with Moët Hennessy. Mr. Shawn Carter strongly believes that the partnership will help the brand to grow exponentially. Moët Hennessy is known for its unparalleled success in the distribution of different brands worldwide.

Uber and Other Investments

The rapper has also invested in Uber of private jets, commonly called JetSmart. He is estimated to have invested initially $2 million, which is $70 million today.

The power couple (Jay Z and Beyonce) has heavily amassed wealth by investing in real estate and arts. From this investment, they have accumulated over USD 120 million.

Like any other entrepreneur, Jay-Z does not shy away from taking risks. It is sufficient to say he has faced numerous challenges over the years. He mainly attributes his zeal to his humble beginnings. He is amongst the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world today.

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