Shakira Talks about Child Separation in the US Border

Shakira is a famous Grammy Award-winning artist. She is an activist and the UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Besides that, she is the founder of the Barefoot Foundation. Shakira was born and raised in Colombia with her parents from Lebanon. The singer’s parents entered the US and established a concrete family foundation for her. In her statement, many immigrants built the United States, yet there are harsh immigration policies. Approximately 545 children have been separated from their parents. The kids don’t communicate with their families and lack parental love.

Alarming Family Separation

Numbers show that 60 kids out of the 545 were below five years when they suffered the separation. According to Shakira, she thinks of her son, five years old, crying for help, and she can’t comfort him. The artist can’t imagine the pain that the children go through every day. She adds that the kids aren’t sure of their safety, and they experience emotional scarring. Shakira says that family separation policies are cruel since they separate children from their loved ones. Typically, the immigration laws are inhumane since kids can’t cross the border with their parents.

The Need to end Family Separation

Family separation brings trauma to children who can’t stay with their parents. All kids deserve basic needs, education, and love from adults. They require constant care to grow into responsible people in society. On that account, there is a need to put an end to family separation. In 2020, about 7,700 mental health experts signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to end family separation.

According to professionals, family separation has a ripple effect on children. It affects the brain, child development and contributes to trauma in later life stages. Children need the utmost protection since they aren’t to blame for the situation. Their parents are fleeing poverty, violence, natural disasters, and prosecution from their countries.

Therefore, it’s not an easy decision to pack and leave their home countries. Shakira adds that child separation policies shouldn’t be about politics. Kids are innocent, and people who passed the cruel law should be held accountable. It is a matter of human rights and not political ambitions.

Time to Speak up

Shakira urges everyone to speak up so that the family separation policies can be revised. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many immigrants have been serving the nation as frontline workers. Thus, there is a need to put effort into the issue to reunite with their parents. People should come together and share stories of the affected families online. Regardless of their countries of origin, the immigrants’ names should be sounded. This way, the concerned parties can listen and act accordingly.

Shakira encourages everyone to speak up and not to remain silent. With collective responsibility, their contributions will make an impact. Shakira is grateful that the ACLU lawyers are striving hard to locate parents of the 545 kids. A humane and just immigration system will ensure that what is happening won’t occur in the future. All asylum seekers will get a home in the US without any problem.

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