Senate Minority Leader Expresses Support for Coronavirus Vaccine

The Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell revealed that he got a coronavirus booster shot on the same day that President Joe Biden got his third COVID-19 shot on camera.

79 year old McConnell has been an outspoken proponent of the vaccine among the Republican lawmakers. His alignment with Biden’s stand on vaccines was out of line with many members of his GOP until recently when more officials started to endorse the coronavirus vaccines in public. He became an early advocate to hail the lifesaving capacity of a vaccine even as some of his party colleagues showed hesitancy or advocated the importance of individual freedom.

The two leaders received their booster shot days after CDC endorsed booster shots for people who got the Pfizer vaccine at least half a year ago.

Floor Speech

McConnell revealed he got his vaccine “minutes ago” while addressing the senate. He said the decision was easy due to his experience surviving polio in his childhood when there was no vaccine for that illness. The senator added he is a “lifelong champion of vaccinations.” He urged all Americans to contact their doctors and get a vaccine because mountains of evidence showed the shots are “safe and effective.”

McConnell said in a floor speech he got the vaccine “a few minutes ago,” adding that it was an “easy decision” given his experience surviving polio as a child before a vaccine was available for that illness.

McConnell added that he has been a “lifelong champion of vaccinations,” calling the coronavirus shots “safe, effective and reduce the chances of severe sickness or death” based on “mountains of evidence,” and urging all Americans to speak to their doctors and “get vaccinated.”

Compliments from Biden Administration

Right-wing members of the Republican Party were at odds with McConnell for his visible alignment with President Biden on vaccines. Many railed against vaccine mandates to the point of questioning the efficacy and safety of the jab.

Biden’s administration has praised McConnell’s pro-vaccine stance despite fierce disagreements on other issues. The White House in April tweeted its gratitude when McConnell spent his recess time urging Republicans to go for vaccination. The White House tweeted that “Senator McConnell is right, and we thank him for the leadership. It is important for every American to get vaccinated when it is their turn.”

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