Samuel Leach’s Real Forex Trader 2: Creating Successful Traders – Trader Banks +£2,200 Profit!

The Real Forex Trader Series 2 is a YouTube foreign exchange (also known as forex, FX) trading competition that premiers a new episode every week. In the second-to-last challenge, CEO of Samuel & Co. Trading, Samuel Leach, determined each trader’s live account based on their profits from the previous day. While each of the last six is in the process of planning for the final, they are not necessarily on an equal playing field. Some traders will need to claw their way to the top as a means of redemption, while some will struggle to maintain their momentum under new competitive circumstances. Some competitors heard that two of their fellow competitors would go home. However, each of the final six will still compete in the final, but some in a different capacity.

This Season of The Real Forex Trader

Earlier this year, Samuel & Co. Trading invited eighteen applicants to compete in the Real Forex Trader Series 2. The competition took place in London but invited prospective traders from all over the world to compete. Although the Real Forex Trading Series is one of many trading lessons that Leach has on YouTube, this program is the only one of its format. Real Forex Trading Series takes on a reality-television style format; this allows viewers to binge-watch while learning valuable lessons from the show’s extreme intellectual challenges.  

The Real Forex Trading Series’ second season premiered on Wednesday, April 29th. Since the very first challenge, each episode highlights the competitors’ progressive acclimation into the foreign exchange markets. The season also shows insight into each competitors’ life stories and emotional journeys. Yet as the competition ensues, viewers begin to see each trader in an FX setting. Once they finally start their FX work, we begin to see how their unique stories impact whether they can trade with a level head and pragmatic approach.

The final six traders have come a long way since their first trading challenge with a demo account of 2,000 GBP. In Leach’s opinion, “if you can’t deal with the emotions of 2,000, how are you going to deal with 100,000? You need to be comfortable with the 2,000 before you go to larger figures.” From exercising control of their emotions to working long hours, traders now see whether or not they can handle the world of foreign exchange trading. Each of the six traders has demonstrated their potential well enough to perform in the final challenge; Leach announced that after the two eliminations last week, no other competitors would be sent home until Samuel & Co. Trading chooses a winner. However, Leach seems to flip-flop on whether or not he will eliminate some of the final six. Instead, he decides to have every competitor stay and compete in some capacity during the last challenge.

Creating Successful Traders – Trader Banks

At the beginning of this week’s episode, Leach congratulated the final six on their first full week of live trading. Each competitor is beginning to demonstrate good risk management. As a team, the traders are up by 1.26% on their collective portfolio. If the 1.26% were to roll over, that would translate to a 5% monthly target and 60% per annum. Leach is very pleased with these rates, especially in the context of the traders’ novel experience. “From guys that don’t know how to trade from the beginning going into this looking at a team of six, if you have capital right now and maintain what you’re doing, you could make 16% a year.” Leach and his staff saw genuine potential in each of these competitors from the competition’s beginning. To finally see that potential manifest in FX trades is exciting for Leach, his staff, the competitors, and the viewers. 

Leach explained that although every competitor will compete in the final, the extent to which each trader is involved in the last challenge will vary. At this stage in the competition, Leach notices that trades appear more “textbook” and natural. Moving into the final, Leach advised the competitors to “keep focusing on your trades. Having everyone positive, I think, is awesome…some of the entries we’re seeing…deciding whether or not to go long on gold or not…it’s good to start seeing those analytics.” He also encouraged the competitors to work with each other, even though they are technically up against one another. According to Leach, “the more you get comfortable with it, the more you’re going to be able to get these trades out.” Receiving a second opinion during a potentially risky transaction can help an unsure trader increase their confidence and refine their newly-acquired skills. 

For the final competition, a live trading event will take place internationally. Leach instructed the competitors to pack a bag with their passport and personal laptops. Although the exact details of the challenge are unknown, Leach explained that no competitor could use their personal money during live trades. He determined the available capital for the final challenge based on each competitor’s profit from their last live trading session. This format benefits competitors with more massive profits and puts those who underperformed at a disadvantage. At the end of the episode, Leach met one-on-one with each of the final six. He chose not to eliminate any competitor. Instead, he created some two-person teams among the remaining competitors; this includes an “underdog” team of the bottom two performers, who Leach gave the impression would not compete.

About The Real Forex Trader 2’s Host, Samuel Leach

Despite enrolling in a foreign exchange trading class that taught him little-to-nothing about the market, Leach successfully turned his 2,000 GBP loan into a 170,000 GBP profit in eighteen months by teaching himself the ins-and-outs of trading for sixteen to eighteen hours a day. His success inspired him to begin Samuel & Co. Trading in 2012. Each of the company’s founding sixty traders worked on live accounts under a 50-50 profit share arrangement. Eight years later, the company now offers forex trading programs to traders at any stage in the markets. Not only does the company offer exceptional mentorship, but they provide initial capital for FX traders. This initial capital model exists within the Real Forex Trading Series, where each competitor receives their initial money to trade with directly from Samuel & Co. Trading


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