Ryan Seacrest on Long-Running Projects and Current Happenings

It’s safe to say that Ryan Seacrest has been a household name for quite some time. This vaunted status is thanks, in part, to a tireless work ethic that keeps him involved with a wide range of projects across the entertainment spectrum. One of those projects, however, is now coming to end. Kris Jenner and family recently announced that the popular reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians will officially complete its run in 2021, after 20 seasons.

Since the project has become a defining part of the radio host’s professional life, it’s only appropriate to take account of his efforts with the show. Read on for a look at that work along with others of his current and long-running projects to get a better idea of how the entertainment personality is continuing to influence the world at large.


Creating show

Much of the work of Ryan Seacrest on the famed reality show comes from his role as an executive producer. For those not familiar, the title can encompass a wide range of meanings depending on the show and person to whom it applies. An executive producer can act as a lead creative personality, steering the direction of a show and taking personal responsibility for its content. The title can also be used for individuals who are producers in name only but who don’t play a large day to day role on a show’s operations.

In the case of the radio host, much of his work with Keeping Up with the Kardashians goes through his production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. The company is known not only for producing the reality show but also many of its spinoffs such as Khloe and Lamar and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

That radio host also played a very unique part in helping to make the show a reality. When the show was merely an idea that Kris Jenner and partners were pitching around town, the host was already a full-fledged believer in its potential. Based on that interest, Jenner asked Seacrest to come by a family barbecue they were having to film what could be a proof of concept for the series. The radio personality agreed it was a great idea, even going so far as to purchase production equipment specifically for the event. After cutting together a roughly seven-minute video of footage from the family gathering, he could already tell they had a hit on their hands.


Reactions to announcement

The radio and television host’s unique role in helping the show get off the ground makes it that much more bittersweet for him to discuss its conclusion. When discussing the recent announcement on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the host made it a point to highlight Kris Jenner and her work on the show and in other aspects of her life.

“A big thank you to the family… especially Kris Jenner,” said Seacrest. “I know her as my partner and dear friend. I almost feel like I’m family with her. And she is truly an amazing person and I think one of the savviest business people on the planet. To think about how she manages family and manages an incredible empire, it’s no small task. She has really propelled that franchise and those businesses into what they are today.”

The entertainment personality also spoke to the lasting cultural impact of the show when noting how far-reaching it has become across the globe. In the past, he’s cited his role in creating the show as one of the achievements he’s most proud of and it’s clear that sentiment continues to this day. During his comments on the topic, he noted that he felt the family had “changed entertainment forever.”


American Top 40

On the topic of long-running projects, the role of the radio host on American Top 40 also bears a closer look. The show has held a special place in American pop culture since its launch in 1970. The show was created by Casey Kasem, whose iconic voice helped to establish it in the national consciousness during his run as host. He hosted the show in various forms until 2004 when he retired from the work and handed over the reins to Ryan Seacrest.

The radio host has spoken at length about how much the opportunity meant to him and how much it still contributes to his ongoing sense of self. He has recalled in interviews about how he used to listen to the show as a kid and would idolize Kasem and the work he was doing to bring music to the American public. Even at that early age, he wondered what it would be like to be in Kasem’s shoes and helm the famous show.

After handing over hosting responsibilities to Seacrest, Kasem stayed involved with the work and became something of a mentor to the young radio host. This clearly meant a lot to Seacrest, who looked to Kasem as one of the most experienced names in the business. This admiration was on full display when the radio host recently interviewed Kasem’s daughter, Kerri.

“Kerri and I were reminiscing about her dad … and I started telling her the story about how when I get to the No. 1 song every weekend I think of him,” Seacrest noted when discussing the interview. “I truly got emotional.”

In other comments on Kasem, Seacrest also noted that the radio personality was truly “untouchable” and that “he was a legend and heard around the world.”


American Idol

It’s virtually impossible to talk about the well-known radio and television host without making note of his work on the hit talent show American Idol. Before being named to host the show, the television personality had been living in Los Angeles trying to make a name for himself. Those efforts involved a range of hosting opportunities on sports shows, talk shows, and even television film events. Though these opportunities were notable in their own way, they didn’t create the career momentum that Seacrest had been seeking when he first made the move to Hollywood. American Idol changed all of that.

Right from the start, the show became a mega-hit. Viewers from around the world tuned in in the millions to follow the evolving intrigue of which of the show’s talented singers would claim the eventual prize. Throughout the drama of the show, Seacrest provided viewers with a grounding presence that helped provide continuity to the episodes. His presence became a notable part of the show’s success.

Since that first episode, the show has continued seemingly without an end in sight. The show recently announced its 19th season and is still going strong. Seacrest has stayed on as the host as it transitioned from Fox to ABC and his ongoing presence still provides the program with a continuity that viewers remember from its earliest days on television. With this year’s auditions being held virtually, the show is in uncharted territory and will surely benefit from the grounding presence.


Live with Kelly and Ryan

Speaking of new seasons, Live with Kelly and Ryan stands out as a notable project for the radio and television host that is also entering its newest season. Previously forced to film with each host in their respective homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new season has motivated a return to the studio for the show, which recently became one of the most-watched daytime talk shows on the air.

The show features Seacrest taking the place of another notable name in entertainment history — Regis Philbin. Philbin, who recently passed away, was also a motivating figure in the radio host’s life, much like Casey Kasem. The radio host has spoken at length about how he would hurry home from swim practice as a kid to catch Philbin’s morning show. The host again found himself wondering what it would be like to have a job like that. As fate would have it, he found out many years later.

Seacrest has noted in the past that Regis Philbin also acted as a mentor in his life, passing along a range of advice pertinent to the industry. Seacrest’s famous work ethic has drawn comparisons to Philbin over the years, who was known by many as the hardest working man in show business. With the radio and television host now appearing on multiple syndicated and daily programs, it’s clear that he’s cut from a similar cloth.

Through his work on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he carries on in the tradition of Regis Philbin by bringing news and entertainment to television sets across the country. He’s also used the platform to inform and educate while he’s entertained, speaking on issues of importance and some of the most pressing social issues of our time. With the newest season now in full swing, that tradition of high-profile entertainment is set to continue as well. His work on the show amounts to another of the many simultaneous efforts that help to set him apart from his peers.



Of course, one of the things the host is best known for is his radio show, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. Radio has long been a love for the entertainment personality, going back to his days as an intern for a local Atlanta radio station. It was at that station that he got his first break, filling in for a DJ who had called out sick. He performed so well in that role that he ended up getting his own overnight weekend show that he hosted at the station for the remainder of his internship.

The host has continued his tradition of working in radio with his daily morning show. On the show, he covers topics of interest from the entertainment industry, news, and his own life. These topics have not only helped listeners stay connected with the celebrities they love, they’ve also helped them stay up to date on current affairs. This can be especially important at present when many people are feeling disconnected from the world around them. To give a better idea of what the show covers, let’s take a look at some of the topics it has focused on from recent broadcasts.


Black Eyed Peas

One of the radio host’s recent interviews was with the Black Eyed Peas. The iconic group, which found plenty of success in the 1990s and early 2000s, has had a renaissance of late as their music has become associated with movements for social change. The resurgence in popularity has come as a surprise for the group, who wasn’t expecting the warm reception they’ve received from diehard fans and newcomers alike. They spoke about this new phase in their career in their interview with the radio host.

“This moment that we have right now, it doesn’t come around often for a group,” said Will.i.am during the interview. “A group like ours that’s had success in the late ‘90s then all throughout the 2000s and top it off with 2010 and 2011 with ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and playing Super Bowls and World Cups and stadiums and, you know, chart-topping songs like ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and ‘Boom Boom Pow’ those two holding the No. 1 position for more than 4, 5 months … and then take an 8-year break? Like, it should be done-zo!” he continued. “No one can survive an 8-year break, especially in their 40s!”

The talk comes after the release of the group’s most recent album, Translation. The album has been praised for the way it shines a light on various aspects of current life, especially the worldwide pandemic. It’s become a constant accompaniment for many as the world goes through unprecedented quarantine and social distancing procedures. Will.i.am spoke on what went into the development of the breakout song from the album — “News Today.”

“It was two weeks into the lockdown and I would come to the studio every morning and the streets were empty and I would go to the supermarket in a panic, heart heavy and I would see the person at the cashier with bright eyes as if they were, and they were, saving people’s lives and I was like, ‘Wow, how come I didn’t appreciate this person in January?’ … These folks are essential workers. They should be getting paid more than name-the-folks. Like, wow, I’m a part of the reason why we don’t value them because I didn’t value them until that moment and I had this heavy heart. I wanted to cry because my sister works at Walmart and she stocks.”


Hand scanners

Speaking of the ways in which life has changed as we know it, the radio host’s show recently shared a story that might have seemed bizarre before 2020. The news comes on the topic of personal hygiene among restaurant workers through the form of a new device that can scan hands for the presence of germs. The device can be mounted near hand washing stations and can give a quick indication if the germs that cause food-borne illnesses are present on a person’s skin. If the user’s hands are clean, they get a green light. Otherwise, they get a red X.

While the device doesn’t scan for the virus that causes Covid-19, it is an indication of how much savvier we’ve all become to the need for cleanliness and taking precautionary measures. Based on the heightened awareness, the scanner may see fast adoption in restaurants across the country. This would be good news for Starbucks, which has become an investor in the product and hopes it will see widespread usage as business owners see the ways in which it can help them stop the spread of illness.


Back to school

Another piece of news related to the pandemic comes from a recent interview Ryan Seacrest conducted with Jennifer Garner. The star spoke with the radio host on the unique challenges and preparations that have gone into getting her family prepped for starting back up with school. Only this year the preparations have undergone a major twist — the star will be homeschooling her kids. The new endeavor is a learning experience for the mom and kids alike.

“Homeschooling is about to start up here; ready to go!” said Garner during the interview. “We have everyone’s workplace laid out. Anything you can do, we have snacks laid up. I think it’s going to be hard to get back into the mindset without actually going to school, but we’re gonna do it.”

The peek into the actress’s preparations to get her kids ready to tackle the academic year is another clear example of the manner in which the radio host connects his fans with the celebrities they love. Often, those connections can show the similarities between fans and stars. As Garner prepares herself to homeschool her children, many moms around the world are getting ready to do the same. It’s a humanizing way for people to connect to each other, especially as quarantine requirements have caused us all to be so separate. It also shows how the many long-running projects from Ryan Seacrest are making a real impact on the world around us.

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