Ryan Seacrest Considers Getting a Tattoo, Shares His Cutest Moments With Kelly Ripa, Surprises Halsey for Birthday

Ryan Seacrest Considers Tattoo and Shares Stories.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa keep putting smiles on people’s faces each morning. Now in its 32nd season, Live is still filled with laughter, chatter, fun interviews and segments that showcase the duo’s unbreakable on-air chemistry.

Live with Kelly and Ryan is up for The Daytime Talk Show of 2019 at the E! People’s Choice Awards. This nomination is no surprise as people still can’t get enough of seeing Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. The popular daily show is competing against The View, Red Table Talk, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Wendy Williams Show, TODAY, Good Morning America, and The Real.

Everyone who wants to vote for Ryan and Kelly can do it 25 times per day, per platform (you can vote either on the PCA’s official website or on Twitter). But before you start voting for Seacrest and Ripa, let’s remember some of their cutest moments.

Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Skill Alert

Ryan Seacrest is talented in so many ways, but many people don’t know that he is also an expert at folding towels. The American Idol host has revealed when he went on a cruise with his family as a child. Seacrest also showed his talent on the morning show and tried to make a towel swan with Kelly.

Ryan and Kelly Try a Gelato Burger

Everyone knows that Ryan Seacrest loves good food. Well, his co-host, Kelly Ripa, also loves trying creative food combos. Earlier this year, the famous duo tried the so-called gelato burger – a chocolate cake bun filled with ice cream. Gelato burger came from Amorino Gelato, and even though Seacrest loved it, Kelly had a few things she would improve. Ryan even jokingly left the studio and came back after her comments on the dessert.

Kelly and Ryan Tried the Gender-Swap Filter

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are just like everyone else – they just love a good Snapchat filter! That’s why they tried out the viral gender-swap filter live on their show. Seacrest and Ripa even took it one step further and tried the baby and bearded filters too. Jessica Alba joined in on the fun and gave the filters a shot too.

Science Bob and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Once again, a dessert got the lead role on Live with Kelly and Ryan. It’s always an adventure when Science Bob joins Live, and this time was no different. The scientist created liquid nitrogen ice cream, which the hosts were more than happy to try. Ryan and Kelly did their own experiment with creating a confetti explosion and suspending a light bulb in midair. This only left Kelly to proclaim that “science is magic.” It truly is!

Ryan Seacrest’s Camping Diary

This was definitely one of the funniest episodes of Live. Ryan and Kelly had everyone laughing as Seacrest recalled a childhood camping trip. As it turned out, while all Ryan’s friends wanted to keep things simple, the American Idol host thought that it would be a good idea to get smoked oysters for one of his meals. What he didn’t know was that his little gourmet treat would bring out the bears too!

Kelly’s Healthy Pancake Recipes

As a mom, Kelly Ripa has her little culinary secrets that she is always willing to share with her fans. This time, Ripa decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with healthy recipes for pancakes. Kelly showed off her culinary skills and discussed who’s the healthiest and who’s the foodie in her family. Kelly also talked about her Mother’s Day plans and how they changed since her kids were young. But that’s not all – Ryan Seacrest decided to surprise his co-host ad dear friend with flowers for the holiday.

Ryan Seacrest’s Mom Shared Paella Recipe

Connie Seacrest, Ryan’s mom, visited the morning show to cook her famous paella recipe. Seacrest’s mom talked about his childhood, family traditions and breakfasts on the grill. Connie, Ryan and Kelly also chatted about how Ripa became a part of the family, and Ryan surprised his mom with a treat from her childhood.


Toddlers Dress as Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest in Cute Live-Themed Shoot

A mom from Connecticut, who has a passion for morning talk shows, shared a tribute to her favorite talk show hosts. Ute Cowan, who owns the Milford-based Ute-Christin Photography, has gone fully viral after she staged a Live with Kelly and Ryan-themed photoshoot that featured mini versions of the hosts who shoved their little faces with cake.

“As promised here are some sneaks from the @LiveKellyRyan cakesmash,” the studio wrote on Twitter. “One of my favorite talkshows, been there a few times to watch it live, even flew to LA once to watch it there, so of course they had to be made into a cakesmash!”

The photos featured two adorable toddlers dressed exactly like Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. The little ones were photographed while eating mini cakes shaped like the show’s signature coffee mugs. The photoshoot was so detailed, it even recreated the New York City skyline backdrop used on the show. It also incorporated a director’s chair with a small cutout of producer Michael Gelman.

Of course, these adorable photos were approved by the show, and they even tweeted the images along with the message: “Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!” Cowan told USA Today that she decided to set up the shoot to celebrate her admiration for Live with Kelly and Ryan, which is one of her favorite shows, besides The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“How many unicorn cake smashes can you do?” Cowan joked of switching up the theme for the hilarious shoot, in which babies are photographed getting messy with the dessert. The creative mom also said she organized the shoot for fun, and even put out a casting for blonde babies. This is exactly how she found Emalyn Wolanin, 15 months, and Jaxon Hashemi, 11 months.

“We were thrilled!” Jaxon’s mom Stephanie said in an interview. “Because we are huge fans of the show. Kelly’s fabulous. She’s always upbeat and happy.” Jessica, Emalyb’s mom, added that her daughter was on her very best behavior during the shoot, and that the reaction from people has been “hysterical.”

Ute, who has two kids of her own, previously went viral in September after photographing a similar shoot based off on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so this is not her first experience with going viral. She told the Connecticut Post that she was a longtime fan of Ellen and that her show had provided comfort to Ute after she moved to the US from Germany to work as an au pair 17 years ago.

And just like Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, Ellen also took notice of these sweet photographs, and tweeted, “This is my kind of party.”


Ryan Seacrest Surprises Halsey for Her Birthday

Ryan Seacrest was among the many celebrities who attended iHeart Radio music festival in Viva Las Vegas. Alicia Keys, Camila Cabello, Chance the Rapper, French Montana, and many others were also spotted at the musical ceremony.

Seacrest, known for his kindness, decided to give Halsey a sweet early birthday surprise. Ryan got straight to work in his hotel kitchen as he baked his mom’s famous mint chocolate chip ice cream cake with graham cracker crust.

Ryan decided to present Halsey with this sweet surprise backstage at the iHeart festival. Although Halsey was to turn 24 the following Sunday, she absolutely loved the early birthday surprise that Ryan Seacrest brought her. After all, who wouldn’t love a homemade birthday cake from the American Idol host?

“Told you I made it @iamhalsey – my mom’s mint chocolate chip ice cream cake with graham cracker crust. Happy early bday Halsey! #iHeartFestival2019,” Ryan wrote in a caption on his Instagram profile.


Ryan Seacrest Spotted at New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor visited the fashion gala together. Both looking fashionable as always, Seacrest and Taylor seemed to enjoy the show.

Ryan recently mentioned on Live that Shayna would be invited to a family dinner with the Seacrests. That’s when his sister asked him if he was bringing Taylor to their Thanksgiving celebrations, “The answer is ‘yes’,” Seacrest said, smiling, and the whole studio started cheering. “I really went for it,” his sister said from the audience. “I had to know about your love life and what was going on.”

Seacrest looked handsome in a navy blazer while Shayna donned a silk, flesh-colored dress with silver details while stepping out for the 2019 New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala on September 26 at David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City.


American Idol 2020 Premiere Revealed

American Idol judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, along with Ryan Seacrest and Bobby Bones, were on hand when ABC’s American Idol kicked off auditions for the upcoming season in the search for the next singing sensation in Savannah, Georgia, on Monday, September 30.

As you probably already know, American Idol is returning to ABC for the 2019/2020 season. According to some online spoilers, season 3 of the show on ABC will start earlier than ever!

The date is not finalized yet, however, it seems like American Idol 2020 will most likely premiere on Sunday February 23, but February 16 is still in contention. The fans were more than delighted to hear that the new season will feature more live shows.

So why is ABC moving up the premiere of American Idol? According to some sources, it’s because of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; the 92nd Academy Awards that typically air late February on ABC will be held earlier this year, will be held earlier this year, on Sunday, February 2020. This allows ABC to premiere the famous music show two weeks earlier than last season.

But that still doesn’t mean that the date is revealed. The 2021 and 2022 Oscars go back to late February because of the 2022 Olympics, Super Bowl and national holidays. In this case, Sunday, February 28 and 27 are the dates for 2021 and 2022, respectively. That means American Idol will go back to a March premiere date only if ABC renews the show for a 4th and 5th season, and plans to keep the current Sunday/Monday schedule.

When it comes to the Savannah auditions, mentor Bobby Bones said, “The great thing about American Idol is we actually go out to cities and find the next superstar,” Bones added. “A lot of the shows you have to go to Hollywood to actually audition. I think the great thing about us, we come out to places. We think there’s a lot of talent and obviously we keep coming back here, so there’s something to it.”


Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry are Already Crying

American Idol fans need to renew their stash of tissues because the third season is coming, and it’s going to be emotional. While chatting about what they’re looking for in a performer, Ryan Seacrest and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie revealed that one contestant has already brought Ryan and Katy to tears.

“Katy and I were actually crying [while] watching[an audition” Seacrest commented a mother who patiently waited for her chance to sing for the stars. “That’s what this American Idol is about,” Perry said. “It’s about finding that special moment, making someone’s dream come true. It is, like, truly the definition of American Dream, which sometimes we feel is a little shaky and the time we’re living in now, like, what do we have to believe in? And I think that we can believe in humans again and talent.”

Luke Bryan also chimed in, “That a mother of two can get in her car, be determined, say she’s not going to hear the word no.” “She came to collect it,” Richie added, with Perry saying, “And she’s going to Hollywood!”

The famous American Idol dream team is excited to be reunited for another season. As Lionel Richie said in an interview “every time you go back it’s another group, another experience.” Lionel also added, “You have to start out with instant identity,” he said. “If I can find instant identity, in other words, I knew you were a blues singer. I know you believe in that, that’s your wheelhouse, that’s who you are, BAM! Opposed to saying, ‘I sing everything,’ you know. Just tell me.”

For Perry, authenticity is key. “Being fearless, being vulnerable,” Perry said. “Because… to be raw and vulnerable and to wear your sadness, wear your brokenness on your sleeve, to wear those emotions in your voice is what really translates with us.”


Adam Lambert Brought Superpower to Kelly and Ryan

American Idol alum Adam Lambert dropped by Live with Kelly & Ryan where he chatted with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa about his new album, Velvet: Side A. He also used this opportunity to perform his single “Superpower.”

Adam Lambert led the audience in a rising chorus of “Happy Birthday” for Live host Kelly Ripa, who celebrated her 49th birthday with the viewers. Adam and Kelly first chatted a bit about his favorite holiday Halloween, and then he said that he doesn’t get recognized in public very much. However, the American Idol singer plugged Queen’s 2020 tour which will take him and his band to Asia, Europe, and more! Hopefully, his face will become more famous after the tour!

During the show, Lambert took the stage to perform “Superpower,” his new single. At the start, there were some technical issues, but Adam handled all of them like a pro. He wasn’t alone on the stage though, his fellow American Idol season 8 alum Allison Iraheta supported him on the background vocals.

Backups are Allison’s side gig now, so she definitely did a great job on Live too. Allison regularly works with former Idol bandleader Rickey Minor, and she recently toured with OG winner, Kelly Clarkson.


Andy Grammer Helps Ryan Seacrest Decide on a Tattoo

Andy Grammer was a guest on a recent On Air With Ryan Seacrest episode, and he was so kind as to help Seacrest decide(or at least almost decide) on a tattoo. The famous singer admitted that he also wants a tattoo, but he’s not quite there yet.

This topic came up after the “Naive” singer shared his excitement when a fan comes to a meet and greet with his lyrics tattooed on their arm or back. “I’m trying to figure out where to get my first tattoo,” Ryan said. “It’s so hard,” Grammer added. “I want to get one too but I’m like scared. You know what it is? There’s like a 5% thing that I feel like I’d still be doing it to be cool and I don’t want to do that.”

“I would get a ladder because there’s this quote that I love that says ‘music is the ladder to the soul,’” the singer said. “I’d get a Smurf or something,” Ryan joked. “It was one of my favorite shows growing up!”

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