Russian Opposition Leader Alexey Navalny Bounces Back From An Alleged Novichok Poisoning

Navalny Is Not The Only Russian Opposition Leader To Get A Dose Of Lethal Poison

In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB, and Federal Security Service officer, became another Russian government statistic. Litvinenko was a vocal critic of the Putin regime. He decided to flee Russia in 2000, in order to escape the death threats he received for claiming Vladimir Putin was a corrupt Russian leader who rules the country with lethal fists.

Litvinenko fled to the UK and continued to vocally bash Putin, but in November 2006, he became ill and later passed away. British scientists concluded Litvinenko got a lethal dose of platinum-210, but before he passed, he told reporters he wanted “the world to see what Putin’s government did to me.”

Navalny Was In A Medically Induced Coma For More Than Two Weeks

Alexey Navalny, the current force behind the political opposition, also experienced a poisoning for letting the world know the Putin regime is a corrupt political machine. Navalny, a lawyer, and politician earned a reputation for fighting Russia’s political corruption. He made sure he let the Russian public know Putin fueled the corruption in his country.

On August 20, 2020, Navalny got sick on a flight from Siberia to Russia. His aides immediately thought Alexey was the victim of foul play by the Russian government, so they decided to send Alexey to Germany to undergo treatment for poisoning. A German medical team put Navalny in an induced coma for two weeks while they treated him with an antidote. According to his colleagues, traces of Novichok, a nerve agent, were on a bottle of water in his Siberian hotel room. A German Military lab found the nerve agent on the bottles Navalny’s aides took from the hotel room once Alexey became suddenly ill.

German Doctors Claim Navalny Is Now In Recovery Mode

According to a CNN report, Alexey still can’t pour himself a glass of water, or use his phone, but he is on the road towards recovery. Alexey recently posted a picture of himself walking down a flight of stairs. But he did say he only recently gained the ability to recognize people and learn how to talk again.

German Leader Angela Merkel denounced the poisoning. Merkel may sanction Russia for the move to takeout Navalny after labs in France and Sweden confirmed Alexey got a near-lethal dose of Novichok.

The Kremlin’s official spokesperson, Dimitri Pskov, told the press the water bottle lab results may not be conclusive evidence. Pskov said the water bottle theory is just one theory of what happened to Navalny because Russian labs didn’t find traces of Novichok in Alexey’s blood.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants an investigation into the alleged poisoning, now that the Kremlin denies taking part in the near-lethal hit job. Johnson told the press Britain stands behind him and he wants to identify and hold the perpetrators accountable. The leaders of Germany, Norway, and France said the same thing. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump were not as vocal about the poisoning.


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