Royal Family Saddened By Meghan Markle Remarks

After Oprah Winfrey hosted Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle on her show, the interview went viral. It was the main talk on almost every media platform. This is because some of the claims put forward by the couple shocked the entire world. Even Oprah was baffled by some of the responses. About 48 hours later, the royal family responded to the claims and said that they were saddened. They had been forced to speak about it because the matter was everywhere. The royal family is known to ignore such incidences and let them fade away as they go about their usual duties.

Tribulations in the Palace

At one point in the interview, Harry and Meghan revealed that they went through a lot of problems when they used to live in the Palace. For instance, the royal family cut off their finances, meaning that there was little that they could do for themselves. It became so serious that They could hardly feel at home in the palace. What made it worse was the fact that they had to use funds that Harry had been left for by his mother. Otherwise, they cannot imagine what they could do if they did not have that money.

Suicidal Thoughts

Perhaps, what shocked the world most was the claim by Meghan that she had thought about taking her own life because of the problems that they experienced in the palace. One of the reasons was that one of the royal family members had said that her unborn child should be allowed t be associated with royalty because of his dark color. With such stories, many people were angered as the royal family was painted as one that was filled with racism. In addition to that, most media commentators argued about the situation. A presenter in Britain had to step down from a popular show that he has hosted for so long because they could not agree with his co-host over the claims made against the family. That is how serious things got.

It should be remembered that Harry and his wife decided to step down from royalty a while back, shocking the entire world. At that time, the body could put a finger on what had caused the situation. It is now clear that even though they did it voluntarily, they had no choice if the story is anything to go by. The interview by Oprah Winfrey has been broadcasted on many platforms both on and offline.

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