Robert Herjavec and His Story

Herjavec and His Life

Do you know the history of Shark Tank’s nice dragon? Well, Robert Herjavec is a true testimony that immigrants can explore their potentials to attain extraordinary success in all spheres of life. From running successful enterprises and nurturing the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs to hos current status as one of the highly sought-after television personalities across the globe, Herjavec has seen it all. However, you needn’t just look at the immense success Robert has achieved today,there’s a history of perseverance, suffering, and surprises behind this icon.

The self-described guy off the boat was only 8 years when he moved to Toronto, Canada accompanied by his parents as an immigrant from Zbjeg, Croatia. Robert indicates that his father was a jail escapee from the communist Croatian economy. The Herjavec’s only possession at the time they moved to a friend’s basement in Toronto was $20, the shoes and clothes they were wearing and a suitcase.

Rags to Riches

But how did Robert move from rags to riches? Robert is known for the confession that he’s never been the smartest guy, the most gifted or the most creative. Instead, he’s derived his success from inner drive. He reveals that he is always willing to spend hours just to get the job done.

After engaging in a string of menial jobs like newspaper deliveries and waiting tables, Robert launched his first startup- a tech firm called BRAK Systems which he later sold to AT&T for a great sum; a deal that made his dreams come true.

Herjavec Just Made an Investment In DynoSafe

One of the most recent moves that Herjavec has made is his investment in Dynosafe. The Dynosafe company helps to keep packages safe, secure, and in great condition so that the consumer can enjoy it. That is a small change that can make a difference in last mile delivery.

Herjavec made the investment because he understands the value of e-commerce and how it is growing in this era. Further, as the customer craves convenience, they will want to have more items delivered to their doorstep instead of having to get it themselves. That is why an investment in a company like DynoSafe will pay off. It seems as if Herjavec made another great decision and will earn great returns from this wonderful recent investment.

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