Richard Branson Launches the Maiden Trip to the Edges of Space

Space tourism is has been a visionary aspect for most of the investors, including Richard Branson. There has been an expectation that this is something that will happen in the next fifty years. The issue with the delay of this very important undertaking has always been the issue of the current technology in place. There has always been a feeling that much needs to be done to make space tourism a reality in the 21st century.

NASA is yet to Send Back People to the Moon

NASA has always been the yardstick of how much human beings can achieve when it comes to the issue of space tourism. It is one of the leading space agencies in the world that has done so many missions, with some still going on in various parts of the solar system. However, the agency has been struggling to set back people to the moon with the latest mission of that nature expected to be in the next ten years.

Richard Branson and Space Tourism

The struggles of NASA in sending a manned mission back to the moon are widely known around the world. However, this has not discouraged investors like Richard Branson from making an attempt to undertake this audacious mission and prove that everything is possible. Obviously, space tourism does not go back to the moon. However, reaching the ages of space and experiencing weightlessness will be a bigger achievement to the investors and human beings as well.

Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, has been one of the leading space agencies that have been able to go several steps in this area, and it is essential to indicate that this organization has already been able to do most of the people doubted. Through years of technological polishing and strategic planning, Virgin Galactic took its first passengers to the edges of space from Spaceport in New Mexico, which is an event that was witnessed around the world.

Making Space Tourism Available to All

As it currently stands, space tourism will remain exclusive leisure for a few people in society. The current costs involved cuts out millions of people who might be interested in this audacious but breathtaking event. However, Richard Branson is geared towards making sure that space tourism becomes an accessible leisure event that can easily be enjoyed by any person from any corner of the world without any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, race, and economic wellbeing.

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