Richard Branson and His Space Tech – The Virgin Galactic

For nearly 20 years, the British billionaire Branson had yearned to rocket through the atmosphere into space. Finally, recently, alongside his three crewmates and two pilots, he was able to catch a glimpse of the Earth from more than 50 miles up and a few minutes of buoyancy before traveling back using SpaceShipTwo Unity that landed in the New Mexico desert. To date, this was SpaceShipTwo’s fourth trip to the edge of space. After that, Virgin Galactic, founded in 2004, hopes to start flying paying customers regularly, venturing into a new era of space exploration.

Branson’s journey

Branson and his company made their launch a tremendous one. A party-like atmosphere along the tarmac where a renowned music guest Khalid was performing. Stephen Colbert hosted the live broadcast of the flight on his show. Elon Musk was also present to watch Richard and the crew take off.

Attached to the center of a mother ship Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo Unity did not launch vertically and was delayed by about 90 minutes because of high winds. However, the spaceship alongside the mother ship known as WhiteKnightTwo shot to space immediately at 11:25 a.m. Eastern time.

At 282,000 feet or 53.4 miles, the crew was unstrapped to experience weightlessness, after which they landed back on Earth at 11.39 Eastern time.

Other Space Company

Apart from owning Virgin Galactic, he also formed Virgin Orbit, making progress that wants to launch constellations of small satellites to orbit. He hopes the company will be a solid disruptive force that offers a small 70-foot long two-stage rocket. The LauncherOne rocket is blasted into space or orbit midair aboard the Boeing 747.

Richard Branson, through Virgin Orbit, has had two successful launches out of the total 17. Perhaps last month was the most historical as they delivered seven customer satellites to their intended orbit. The Pentagon is interested in what Richards company is doing as putting up a satellite using a 747 quickly is in their interest.

How Was Virgin Galactic Founded?

In 2004, Paul Allen, a co-founder at Microsoft, agreed to sell Branson the rights to SpaceShipOne designed by legendary Burt Rutan. After that, the idea of starting his own space company fascinated him, opening the world’s first commercial spaceline.

Today, the dream is fulfilled with SpaceShipTwo, which reached heights of 50-mile altitude for the record fourth time.

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