Retta Highlights Her Series and Drops a Cocktail Recipe

If you like to mix up your comedy and drama in the same show, you probably are already hooked on “Good Girls.” This comedy series is laced with drama and fun, and one of the female leads is Retta. Retta was born Marietta, but she shortened her name when she entered the world of stand-up comedy. This career choice does not play out favorably to many of those that enter it, but Retta mastered the art and eventually landed into a network series.

This current production is making waves on NBC, but she has also been on the long-running series “Parks and Recreation.” She is no stranger to the peacock network. HBO featured Retta before her work with NBC. In the future, you will be able to catch her in the remake of “The Princess Bride.”

Good Girls

This program is based upon three women doing everything they can to keep their household running. Sometimes their attempts are comical, but they are always laced with seriousness. It is the perfect mix of storytelling and acting that holds this series together.

In their first season, the three women decided that robbing a local store would help them financially. Although it may have seemed like a good plan, the situation went sideways when a store employee recognized one of them. This premise was the framework that catapulted the fun and touching moments into living rooms across America.

Ruby Hill

Retta portrays a character called Ruby Hill. Her financial situation began when her daughter developed kidney disease. The struggle to keep her safe and well feels real, but Retta’s comedic timing makes the show heavy but entertaining. Lidya Jewett plays her on-screen daughter.

Signature Cocktail

Retta has also created a cocktail patterned after her bubbly personality. On a recent morning show, she shared a secret recipe with the world. You are going to need a couple of ingredients to create this fruity drink at home. To start, fill a tall glass of ice about three-fourths full of red wine. Next, add a healthy splash of orange juice and just a touch of apple liquor. To top off this sangria-like treat, hit it with a dash of triple sec, and float some peach schnapps over the concoction.

Retta has an intelligent and glowing personality that shines through on the screen and in real life. Fans can look forward to her new season. In between this series, she is booking movie shoots and more entertaining interviews.

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