Reese Witherspoon Starts a New Meme Challenge

Reese Witherspoon has dealt with the challenges of COVID-19 like the rest of the world. We’ve been in this together since the start. Most of us felt the strains of COVID-19 in unimaginable ways. It changed life as most of us know it forever. COVID-19 is still swirling among us and we’ve now developed what is known as a ‘new norm.’

Now that the pandemic is somewhat better contained and lives are resuming some type of normalcy, Witherspoon chose to use her celebrity status to help a few people smile. Most of us can relate to the disaster known as 2020 and likely have a few horror stories to share. But, laughing is the best medicine, especially during times like this. Witherspoon decided to garner laughs with her 2020 meme challenge. Everyone has the opportunity to show how COVID-19 and the other events of the year have shaped their lives.

For a brief moment, Witherspoon provided us a way to forget the world’s problems and laugh for a second. Everyone needs this moment.

The New #2020MemeChallenge Witherspoon Style

Witherspoon shared a three-by-three collage featuring a selfie from her favorite movies. The collage begins with photos of the Hollywood actress in her Elle Woods in Legally Blonde role enjoying life with her southern sweet smile. January and February certainly brought us cold days and plenty of snow, but little did we know what the following months would bring!

Each month features a different actress in various roles and portraying different emotions and appearances to describe the month in a pcture. By August, Witherspoon posts a shot of Cheryl Strayed in Wild, distressed and frazzled. Maybe the remainder of the year will show us better days and better months!

Reese kept the meme simple and sweet, adding the caption “Yup. #2020callenge.”

Really, that caption sums up this year perfectly. Everyone knows its been one of the most eventurful, challenging years ever. No descriptions needed to detail this crisis!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums up 2020 in a nutshell. It has been a year for the memory books and we’re still only halfway through it!

A Viral Meme Challenge

Witherspoon’s humor about the stress that COVID-19 has caused soon went viral. Celebrities left laughing emojis on the star’s social media page underneath the post and the shares began. Stars like Gwyneth Paltwo and Uzo Aduba commented, liked, and shared the meme. Many celebrities also take on their own version of the challenge.

A quick browse around social media will show memes from celebrities such as Kerry Washington and Jennifer Garner. Of course, tons of other celebrities are taking part as they discover the new meme challenge.

DIY: Get in on the Meme Fun

This year has been one of the craziest most of us have ever experienced. And we hope that it will hold this title for a long time ahead. We couldn’t fathom another year like 2020! Witherspoon certainly helped the world forget the devastation surrounding us right now. And, since no one should be left out of this type of fun, you, too, can make your own version of the meme. Several collage and meme apps like Canva make it simple to create the meme and share your best and worst moments of 2020.

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