Real Housewife Of New York City Star Bethenny Frankel Recently Addressed Rumors About Her Return

It should come as no surprise that Bethenny Frankel is one of the most popular housewives of all time. Despite the fact that she left the franchise in 2019, there have constantly been talks about her coming back. Recently, Frankel decided to address these rumors in order to set the record straight. Here’s what’s been happening.

Why She Isn’t Returning

There have been numerous articles posted online in the last couple weeks about Frankel being in talks with BravoTV about her rejoining the cast of The Real Housewives Of New York City. She took to Instagram to tell her followers that this is simply not true. She said that she has no desire to be on the show and was too busy heading up her BStrong initiative and has a lot of other things going on. She also mentioned the fact that she almost didn’t address the rumors because she didn’t want to deal with false gossip.

What She Had To Say About Andy Cohen

Many fans of Frankel know that she is friends with Andy Cohen. They have been seen hanging out together in the past, and Cohen was also on Frankel’s podcast. Even though they are close friends, their friendship has nothing to do with her brief return to The Real Housewives Of New York City several years ago. When Frankel addressed the rumors about her possible return to the show, she acknowledged that she does talk to Cohen. However, she also stated that they never talk about the show or her returning to The Housewives sometime in the future.

While a lot of fans initially got excited about talks of Frankel’s return, they also knew that it was highly unlikely as she has a lot going on these days. In addition to raising her daughter Bryn, she also has been busy with relief efforts around the world, her very successfully Skinnygirl brand and her podcast. On top of all of this, she got engaged to her boyfriend Paul earlier this year. Even though fans may be disappointed that she’s not returning to The Real Housewives Of New York City, they can still keep up with everything that she’s got going on by following her Instagram page as she tends to add stories and posts to it several times day.

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