Ray J Files for Divorce From Princess Love

In May, Princess Love filed for divorce from R&B sensation, Ray J. She quickly dismissed the filing, stating she wanted to work out the marital issues affecting herself and her husband. Now, just two months later, Ray J has filed for divorce.

The singer and reality star married in August 2016 after dating for a short period. Their relationship has played out on social media for most of the time. They share two children, two-year-old Melody Love and eight-month-old Epik Ray.

While pregnant with Epik, Princess Love announced on social media that she didn’t want to be married anymore. She stated that the marriage was not love and that she didn’t have time for the shenanigans called a married. This announcement came in November in an Instagram post.

This post came after Ray J supposedly left Princess Love stranded in Las Vegas! Princess Love reported that Ray J left her and Melody at their hotel after the BET Soul Train Awards. Ray J denied the claims and slammed his wife in a video that he posted to social media. At this time, sources say she had told family members that she was ‘fed up’ with Ray J.

When Ray J later appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, he told the talk show host that he was ‘done with Vegas’ and ready to be the best father to his daughter and husband to his wife that he could. He told Wendy that Princess Love basically gave him an ultimatum to do better. She was pregnant with Epik at this time.

Ray J later explained during an interview that the decision to file for divorce was impulsive, made suddenly and very quickly out of frustration and anger, but that he was thinking of his family’s best interests with his decision. He further stated that he was unsure what the future would hold. At this time, Ray J says that being a better father is his main focus. “I’ll sacrifice all my happiness for my kids,” he told AOL.com.

Perhaps Ray J has one wish that he can save his marriage. He does not deny the fact that he deeply loves his wife. It seems the two simply need a bit of help to figure out their relationship. Only time will reveal if the marriage is finally over or if the couple will reconcile and give it one more try.


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