R.Kelly Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse and Racketeering

There was a massive amount of drama before Tuesday’s verdict in Robert Kelly’s government sex dealing and hooliganism trial. On the eve of the court proceedings, R. Kelly found himself in another legal jam involving three more accusers coming forward with claims against him for sexual misconduct. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, expressed his client’s displeasure with the court proceedings and how he believes that people are trying to ruin Kelly professionally.

On Tuesday morning, it seemed as though things could not get worse for Kelly when a witness admitted that he had sex with an underage girl who was 14 years old at the time of their encounter in 1999. Nevertheless, during the trial, R. Kelly was found guilty of all 12 federal charges against him, including hooliganism, kidnapping, forced labor, and sex trafficking of minors.

R. Kelly was slapped with 10 years in jail which is the least compulsory sentence for all the charges brought against him. Entirely, the charges attract not less than 30 years in prison.

The verdict was reached after 50 witnesses came forward to testify against him on the second day when the jury was having their private discussions on court findings to weigh the most relevant argument to settle on. Kelly was convicted of a single listing of hooliganism and eight for the abuse of the Mann Act. Additionally, Kelly faces government charges of sexual misconduct and assault in Illinois. R. Kelly’s team of counsel said he did not expect the verdict that was passed.

Gloria Allred, representing three accusers, said R. Kelly was one of the worst predators he has encountered in her law practice. Allred said R. Kelly thought he could go scot-free with sexual misconduct because he felt he wielded power over his victims, which is not valid.

Through fame and professional power, R. Kelly perpetrated the abuse with the help of his employees and close associates. A few of the accusers said they were not of legal age when they met R. Kelly. Of all the 45 prosecutorial witnesses, only 11 testified. Jane said she was coerced into lesbianism by the accused and was prohibited from leaving rooms without R. Kelly’s permission. Another woman named Pace stated that R. Kelly sexually assaulted her and knowingly made her contract herpes. A medical report from her doctor backs this claim.

Jane accused Kelly of forcing her into an abortion. An accuser who spoke on anonymity said the singer told her he had married Aaliyah (an upcoming singer) at 15 so she could procure a legal abortion. Aaliyah was mentioned throughout the case with a woman named Angela who said he saw R. Kelly assault her in a tour bus when she was about 13 years.

The hooliganism charges offered the jury more evidence, accordingly giving a larger picture than they may have had the option to introduce had the charges against Kelly been restricted to particular occasions of supposed attack or misuse.

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