R. Kelly Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking

R. Kelly, the famed R&B singer, was found guilty of one count of criminal racketeering and eight counts of trafficking women across multiple state lines for sex or violating the Mann Act. This follows a thirty-day trial filled with explosive testimony from past partners and employees touching on forced labor and child exploitation.

The jury, comprising five women and seven men, deliberated for forty-eight hours before finding Kelly guilty of all the nine charges against him. Kelly was tried in a federal court in New York last year and has continued to plead his innocence in the sexual misconduct and abuse allegations leveled against him.

Throughout the case, the lead prosecutors argued that R.Kelly was and should be considered a sexual predator who had used his fame to coerce and entice women into sexual acts. They stated that he had used his fame to develop a criminal enterprise made up of drivers, bodyguards, personal assistants, and managers who helped him get away with it all.

According to Vulture, two witnesses, one man and one woman, Kelly had promised to help them kick start their music careers but ended up pressuring them into sexual acts. A further six witnesses went on record to state that they had engaged in sexual encounters with the singer while they were underage.

One went on to explain that Kelly would routinely fly her around the country all to have sex with her. Other people who testified against the disgraced singer included his former employee Demetrius Smith, who recounted how he bribed a local welfare officer on behalf of Kelly.

According to his testimony, he paid the officer $500 to create a fake ID to enable Kelly to marry the late Aaliyah Haughton. The late singer was only fifteen years old, with Kelly being twenty-seven years old. His lawyers, however, tried to argue that he loved women and had always treated them with respect.

They went on to add that many of those accusing him of sexual harassment and abuse had lied to him about their age and were aware of what they wanted before approaching him. It’s why they had fabricated the facts regarding the relationship they had with the singer!

For Kelly, this is just but the beginning of a long journey ahead, as he faces thirteen other charges of obstruction of justice and child pornography in the city of Chicago. The trial date for these charges is yet to be set.

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