R. Kelly Found Guilty in New York Case

R. Kelly, the R&B artist, was found guilty on all counts in a high-profile sex-trafficking case. The case was in New York on Monday, September 28, 2021. The closing trial featured hours of gruesome testimony from his victims.

The trial lasted for five weeks, and fifty defence and prosecution witnesses testified in the case. Victims during Kelly’s indictments were referred to as “Jane Does”.There were 45 witnesses for the prosecution.

Kelly was in detention since 2019, when he was indicted until the guilty verdict was reached. Kelly was convicted on eight counts of violating the Mann Act and one count of racketeering. The act prohibited transporting persons across state borders “for any immoral purpose.”

Mr Kelly was accused of bribing, according to sources familiar with the case. Kelly had bribed an Illinois government official on August 30, 1994, to obtain a falsified I.D. for Aaliyah. The fraudulent I.D. was intended to acquire a marriage license with her age recorded as 18. Aaliyah was 15 at the time. Their marriage was eventually declared null and void.

Kelly was accused of isolating victims in hotel rooms and his recording studio. Kelly dictated when his victims should eat and use the restroom. He also forced them to obey various “rules,” such as calling him “Daddy.”

Kelly’s lawyer, Deveraux Cannick, told reporters that Kelly “didn’t say much” after announcing the verdict. Kelly pleaded not guilty to all charges.

According to Cannick, the government cherry-picked the version that they believed would sustain the narrative’s continuation. Deveraux indicated that they had seen all the contradictions and that his client did not expect the verdict.

Gerald Griggs, a lawyer who claims to represent numerous Kelly’s accusers, praised his clients for their bravery. Gerald also thanked authorities for their hand in Kelly’s guilty verdict.

According to Acting U.S Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulis, the verdict was just the beginning. The guilty verdict would forever label R. Kelly as a predator. Kelly used his fame and money to prey on young girls and women for his sexual satisfaction.

The judgment also served as a warning to other famous people who think they are beyond the law. Geddes said in court that R. Kelly had to be held accountable for all his misdeeds.

The singer’s legal woes do not end with the New York case. He has pleaded not guilty to sex-related accusations in Illinois and Minnesota. Trial dates have yet to be scheduled for the other cases.

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