Queen Elizabeth II Seen In Public For The First Time Since The Death of Her Husband

Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926. At the time her father was the second son of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Her grandfather was king. After her grandfather died, her uncle became king. However, he decided to abdicate in order to marry someone he loved. Her father became king George VI. She became the heir to the throne. Her father died in 1952. Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. This is a role she found much easier with the help of her husband. Prince Philip was born in 1921. They married when she was twenty-one and he was twenty-six.

A Happy Marriage

The marriage of the heir to the throne and her consort was a long and happy one. The two had four children: Charles, Ann, Andrew and Edward. Over time, both parties in the marriage devoted themselves to acting as ambassadors to the rest of the world. The queen found her husband offered her a lot of help as he helped promote many important causes. Both the queen and her husband were unique representatives of English culture. Over time, each one spent a lot time traveling the globe and helping to promote tourism to the United Kingdom as well as industrial products from this corner of the world.

His Passing

Early in the morning of April 9th, Prince Philip died. He was ninety-nine. The prince was born in Greece. He was the daughter of princess Alice. Princess Alice was the granddaughter of another princess Alice who was the third child of Queen Victoria. As such, the prince was related to many European royal houses. He was the youngest son of prince Andrew who was a son of the reigning monarch of Greece. Prince Philip was sent to the United Kingdom to get an education by his uncle Louis.

In Public

The queen and her consort were married for over seventy years. She has been in attendance at varied events in the aftermath of her husband’s death. Many of these events were private memorial services. Since that time, the queen has been in morning privately. However, she has made her first public appearance sine his death. The British queen was part of a video conference call with several foreign diplomats. This is a role that she is comfortable taking on. Her work as queen has involved lots of diplomacy over the years.

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